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Awesome Dealers

If you are looking for a shopping assistant that could help you to save some money at online stores, you should not consider Awesome Dealers as one of the options even though it promises that it will provide you with the best deals, coupons, and, on top of that, will enable you to access popular cash-back providers and popular shopping websites with the single mouse click. Awesome Dealers is not an ordinary application. Like normal programs, it does not have an interface. Instead, it is a browser extension compatible with Google Chrome. We are not going to lie to you – this extension has been classified as a potentially unwanted program, or PUP, which means that it has certain drawbacks. You should read this entire report and then decide yourself whether or not it is worth disabling Awesome Dealers because of these flaws it has. There is nothing to consider if you have found this extension installed on your computer without your permission – you should never keep software whose appearance is a mystery to you. You will find more about its removal provided in the last paragraph of this article – you should read it carefully if you make a decision to disable this extension. We are 99% sure you will manage to erase it from your PC without any difficulties.

We have to admit that the Awesome Dealers description sounds extremely appealing. Because of this, we have not found it surprising at all that so many users themselves are responsible for its installation on their computers. If it has already affected your Google Chrome browser too, you must see a new page (http://www.awesomedealers.com/ext/index.html?cfg=cfgB.json) open when you launch your web browser. This page will be opened automatically each time you open Google Chrome because Awesome Dealers has altered its settings. Speaking specifically, a new homepage and New Tab URL has been set. Unfortunately, it is all this extension does, so we have some doubts about its usefulness. The page you will see open for you looks like an ordinary search provider. There is a search box powered by the Google Custom search located in the middle of the page, and you will see below the search box buttons opening popular websites, e.g. Booking, Amazon, TripAdvisor, etc. You should be careful with this search tool because it might track you and record certain details, including search queries and URLs of websites visited. The following sentence from the Privacy Policy document suggests that certain personal details might be recorded too: “The Company currently does not collect Personal Information, however reserves the right to collect personally identifiable information from Users in a variety of ways.” Most likely, these are details provided by the user willingly because Awesome Dealers is just a potentially unwanted program, so it is not likely at all that it could ever access sensitive information.

If you are sure you have not installed the Awesome Dealers extension from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/awesome-dealers-new-tab/enpajkfllpliojnbajpbknfegobfoagn?hl=en (Chrome Web Store), the chances are high that you have installed the entire software bundle on your PC. Awesome Dealers was one of the components inside this bundle. It is nothing new that potentially unwanted programs are promoted via software bundles. Actually, these are not the only applications that might be spread bundled and enter your computer unnoticed, so you should be more cautious starting today if you do not want to discover another undesirable program/browser extension active on your system. What we always recommend for users is installing security software. It is definitely the easiest method to ensure the system’s maximum protection we know about.

Awesome Dealers can be disabled via the add-ons manager, which suggests that you could undo the changes applied to your Google Chrome browser quite easily and then set a page you like as your homepage and New Tab URL. We suspect that you will need some help with its removal if you have never erased a browser extension before, so we have asked our specialists working at pcthreat.com to prepare the manual removal guide. Feel free to use it if you need some help. Alternatively, you can erase undesirable software from your system with an automatic scanner. It will delete all other infections it finds active as well.

Remove Awesome Dealers manually

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools.
  4. Click Extensions.
  5. Find Awesome Dealers New Tab on the list.
  6. Select it.
  7. Click the Trash button.
  8. Click Remove in the confirmation box.
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