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Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

Wallet Protector Extension

Wallet Protector Extension seems to be a potentially unwanted program targeted at users from Germany. The application is supposed to show users best deals, coupons, and other advertising content alike. If you are constantly looking for better prices on Internet shops you may find the tool useful; however, if you are not and the extension settled in without your knowledge, it might irritate or even disturb your browsing. If it is the latter case, we recommend users eliminating Wallet Protector Extension with no hesitation. Those who have no idea how to do so can take a look at the deletion instructions provided below the article, while users who prefer learning more about the tool first could read the rest of the text as it will explain more about the potentially unwanted program.

One of the biggest concerns regarding the suspicious extension in question is the way it might be distributed among computer users. Apparently, researchers found out Wallet Protector Extension could travel with bundled software installers and as a result, some users may install it accidentally without even realizing it. As you see the potentially unwanted program might be suggested on another application’s installation wizard, and if the user does not deselect it, the extension could be installed automatically. To not make such a mistake ever again users should, first of all, make sure they download setup files from reliable web pages and second of all, it would be a good idea to pick advanced installation settings because otherwise the user may not be allowed to review or deselect doubtful suggestions. Moreover, it is essential always to pay extra attention since the lack of it is often what causes users receive unwanted software accidentally.

So far, Wallet Protector Extension is compatible only with the Mozilla Firefox browser and can be found on the Firefox Add-ons web page ( The application’s description you might see if you access the mentioned website speaks in German. If you translate it into English, it says the extension provides an easy way to save money by showing the user various offers and deals while he visits e-shops. Our specialists say it is important to understand there are no guarantees the displayed advertisements cannot be potentially dangerous or even malicious. Therefore, if you click any advertisements provided by this potentially unwanted program there is a possibility you could be risking your computer’s safety, and this is why we advise you to be extra cautious with such content. For instance, if it looks like the presented ad could origin from a doubtful website, it would be advisable not to click it.

All things considered, we would not recommend taking any chances with an extension that may show you annoying and unreliable content, unless you find its displayed ads useful. Not to mention the tool is classified as a potentially unwanted program, and such software should not be left unattended if you wish to keep the system clean and secure. Users who choose to eliminate Wallet Protector Extension should open the browser, go to the Extensions menu and simply remove the unwanted application. If you need any guidance while completing this task, we can offer the deletion instructions located just slightly below the text.

The other way to erase Wallet Protector Extension is to employ a reliable antimalware tool. With it, the user could do a system scan, during which the software should detect the potentially unwanted program and other potential threats too. As soon as the scan is over, you could click the provided deletion button to get rid of the suspicious extension and other identified threats at the same time. Naturally, the tool you choose might be useful in the future as it may warn you about potentially dangerous software and other content; all you have to do is keep it up to date.

Erase Wallet Protector Extension

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+A.
  3. Go to Extensions.
  4. Find Wallet Protector.
  5. Select the unwanted extension and click Remove.
  6. Restart the browser.
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