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Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension

There are many browser extensions that promise to improve your online experience, but the problem is that quite a few of them are like Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension. It means that they are potentially unwanted programs associated with a number of security issues you might face in the future.

In this description, we will discuss the previously mentioned extension in greater detail, and then we will look for ways to remove Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension from your system. Luckily, it is not complicated to terminate this and other similar applications, so you just need to follow the instructions you will find below this description.

How come Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension enters your computer? You probably did not want to have this product on-board, and you do not remember adding it to your browser, so how come it is there? You will probably be surprised to know that this program is not a direct computer infection. It means that it does not enter your system surreptitiously. Users add the extension to their browsers themselves, whether they are aware of that or not. Of course, it is far more likely that they get confused and add the application accidentally when they download freeware applications.

Freeware downloads are the most common method of distribution for Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension and other unwanted applications. Third-party installers that users get from file-sharing websites are bound to have several programs within. You just think that there is this one application you need there. But if you go through the installation steps carefully, you will probably notice additional feature or app offers. Normally, it is possible to decline these offers, and if you do exactly that, you will avoid adding unwanted applications to your browser. However, breezing through the set up ends up only in one thing: unwanted program installation.

Aside from the bundled downloads, Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension may also come from official sources. The program has its own homepage, and we can easily access it via picslp.4newtab.com. Normally, official homepages should let us know more about the programs in question, but Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension’s page looks like a pop-up we would often see appear on your screen when we click some link on a random page. It also says that with this extension, we can have a lot of pictures on our new tab. And those images are hand-picked “just for you,” and you can use it to “redesign your browser.”

It should be obvious that there is always a “catch.” After all, in order to provide you with those pictures, Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension needs to perform certain changes on your browser. The first thing it does is change your default search engine to blpsearch.com. We have actually covered this domain before, and our research specialists identified it is as a browser hijacker. So if an extension is directly associated with a browser hijacker, it should not even be a question whether you can keep it on your computer or not.

What’s more, there are other security issues associated with Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension, and we believe that we must cover them, too. For instance, it is very likely that the extension will employ tracking cookies to collect information on your web browsing habits for marketing purposes. Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension may also display commercial advertisements on your browser while you browse the web. The content of those ads will be generated according to that information on your browsing history. So it means that the ads will probably display you are bound to like. Consequently, you might feel inclined to click such things, but you should think twice before you do it. Why? There is a chance that the ad content will be embedded there by malevolent third parties, and then you would be only a click away from a severe malware infection.

As mentioned, it is very easy to delete Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension from your browser, so your main concern right now should be locating other potential threats that must have entered your PC together with this extension. For that, you can run a full system scan with the SpyHunter free scanner. It should be possible to remove the unwanted programs via Control Panel, but if you find it too complicated, you can also terminate them automatically with a security tool of your choice.

How to Delete Pics4NewTab Chrome Extension

  1. Launch your Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and select More tools.
  3. Click Extensions on the drop-down menu.
  4. Delete Pics4NewTab from the list.
  5. Close your browser and open it again.
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