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GifaPalooza Toolbar

Are you crazy about gifs and memes? If you are, you might be interested in creating them, and, in this case, you might come across GifaPalooza Toolbar. This extension was created by Mindspark Interactive Network, a company whose name can be found in many articles on this website. This company has created hundreds of toolbars, including NewNoteCenter Toolbar, Anytimeastrology, and TelevisionAce Toolbar, all of which are classified as potentially unwanted programs (PUP). Although they are usually introduced to users as tools that can help them, in reality, all they can do is provide them with links to sites where useful services are offered. In our case, the toolbar itself does not actually create gifs and memes. Instead, it provides an easy-access link to, where gifs and memes can be created. This is why Mindspark toolbars are generally believed to be useless. That is not the only reason to remove GifaPalooza Toolbar. In fact, it is suggested that you delete this potentially unwanted program because it is not as innocent as it might appear to be at first.

Google Chrome users can download the suspicious GifaPalooza Toolbar from the Chrome webstore at, but the users of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer web browsers can acquire it from Despite this, some users are likely to acquire the extension from a third-party source altogether. This is not advised because third-party sources could be unreliable, and third-party software could be attached to the relatively harmless toolbar. This software could be much more dangerous, and so, if it is active, you must keep an eye on it as well. When it comes to GifaPalooza Toolbar, you might be able to use this extension/application without facing any risks. Once it is installed, it changes the New Tab and presents a bunch of easy-access links. Links to,,,, and all other sites are harmless, and so it is safe for you to interact with them. What you need to be more cautious about is the search tool that comes bundled with the toolbar.

Although the search tool offered by GifaPalooza Toolbar is allegedly “enhanced by Google,” you should not assume that it is just as reliable. Google Search offers great services, but the search tool offered by the toolbar is simply using the basis of the search results represented via this well-known search engine. MyWay Search is the search tool used by GifaPalooza Toolbar, as well as all other Mindspark programs. Although you can find normal search results using this tool, you might also face sponsored content, and this could create problems. Another suspicious thing about is that you do not have the option to separate it from the toolbar or reject it altogether, which means that you are sort of forced into using it. If you install the toolbar onto Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, you are forced to agree with homepage modifications, and, obviously, this has nothing to do with creating or sharing gifs and memes, which is why MyWay is sometimes classified as a hijacker. Whether or not this is how you see it as well, you might want to remove it, and you can do that only by deleting the toolbar.

You can find an extensive GifaPalooza Toolbar removal guide below. It shows how to eliminate this strange toolbar from all browsers it is compatible with. Of course, you have to uninstall the unwanted app via Control Panel if you are using Internet Explorer because instead of being injected as an extension, it is installed as an application. Hopefully, this potentially unwanted program is the only piece of software you need to eliminate, but you need to inspect your operating system to make sure that this is the case. Use a reputable malware scanner, and if malware is found, ensure immediate removal. If you do not know how to erase all existing threats, or you want to take care of that in one swift move, you ought to think about employing automated anti-malware software.

GifaPalooza Toolbar Removal

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Explorer by tapping Win+E keys.
  2. Enter %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ into the bar at the top.
  3. Open the folder representing your Chrome profile name. If a profile has not been set up, open the folder named Default.
  4. Open the Extensions folder and then Delete the folder named klknlgpmpobhjglggmdfimnpejpbdacn.
  5. Go back to the Default/profile folder and then open the Local Extension Settings folder.
  6. Right-click and Delete the folder named klknlgpmpobhjglggmdfimnpejpbdacn.
  7. Go back to the Default/profile folder and then open the Sync Extension Settings folder.
  8. Right-click and Delete the folder named klknlgpmpobhjglggmdfimnpejpbdacn.

N.B. The path is %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\ for Windows XP users.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Launch Explorer by tapping Win+E keys.
  2. Enter Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features into the bar at the top.
  3. Right-click the item you want to remove and then click Uninstall.

N.B. The path is Start->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs for Windows XP users.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch Explorer by tapping Win+E keys.
  2. Enter %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ into the bar at the top.
  3. Open the folder representing your Firefox profile name and then open the extensions folder.
  4. Right-click and Delete the file named
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