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FilmsApp Search

FilmsApp Search is a Google Chrome browser extension known as a potentially unwanted program, so if you are looking for a tool that would allow you finding movie-related information on the web quicker and easier, you should choose another program over it despite the fact that it is promoted as a useful tool for searching information “about movie actors, movies, images, video clips, and more.” Potentially unwanted programs are, of course, not real malware, but they still cannot be fully trusted, so it is better not to keep them active on the system. Luckily, since these are not harmful infections, their removal is usually very easy and uncomplicated. Before we tell you more about the removal procedure, we want to explain to you why FilmsApp Search is considered a potentially unwanted application. This information will help you to understand why such a decent-looking piece of software needs to be removed.

FilmsApp Search is not a harmful malicious application, as mentioned in the previous paragraph of this article; however, it still has several drawbacks that make it a potentially unwanted program. First, it changes the default search tool set on Google Chrome. It will set its own search tool and, as a consequence, your all searches will be first redirected to http://movie.eanswers.com/ and only then you will see Yahoo! search results. Specialists at pcthreat.com say that the final product, i.e., these Yahoo! search results might be modified. That is, they might contain links that only promote third-party pages. We cannot promise that all these promoted websites will be reliable. Theoretically, you might even be taken to pages promoting untrustworthy third-party software because advertising revenue is the only important thing here. In other words, nobody cares about users’ safety. The altered default search tool is not the only symptom showing that FilmsApp Search has been installed successfully. As long as this browser extension is active on your Google Chrome browser, you will also see a button at the upper part of your browser next to the address box. It will open a small search window that will allow you to perform web searches on the web. Some users find this feature quite useful. If you are one of them, you should know that you are still not allowed to keep this extension because it is a potentially unwanted program, and there is a bunch of similar programs that are fully reliable on the market. You could start using any of them immediately after you delete FilmsApp Search.

Before we talk about the removal of FilmsApp Search, we want to provide more information about its distribution so that it would be easier for you to prevent similar potentially unwanted applications from entering the system in the future. Yes, similar programs exist, and if you do nothing to protect your computer today, you might find them installed on your system without your knowledge again tomorrow. According to specialists at pcthreat.com, such programs can be spread in software bundles and, because of this, enter users’ computers unnoticed. Also, they might be promoted by pop-up advertisements. It is very likely that you have installed FilmsApp Search on your Google Chrome browser by clicking once on a pop-up advertisement too, but if it has been installed on your computer somehow differently, you still need to remove it because it is not a trustworthy piece of software. Potentially unwanted programs are not harmful infections, as you should already know, but it is not easy to prevent them from entering the system in all the cases. Therefore, we recommend that you install a security application on your computer to ensure your system’s maximum protection. It is the easiest way to protect the system from undesirable software.

If you have found FilmsApp Search installed on your Google Chrome browser, you can delete it through the add-ons manager. Our instructions lead through the entire removal process, so if you have never deleted a browser extension from Google Chrome before, let our removal guide help you. You can disable it by scanning your system with a reputable antimalware tool too. Keep in mind that it is always easier to delete undesirable software automatically, so if you consider yourself an inexperienced user, you should choose the automatic method over the manual one.

Remove FilmsApp Search

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Click More Tools.
  4. Open Extensions.
  5. Locate FilmsApp Search and select it.
  6. Click on the recycle bin icon next to it.
  7. Click Remove.
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