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Com.google.provision is a malicious tool designed to infect Android devices. This tool functions via scripts, and it is not exactly a malicious application but a tool that has access to a device’s functions using administrative rights. We have found that it was designed to download other software that can be of malicious nature. There are more than 2 billion devices running Android OS, so this infection has the potential to cause damage to those devices and jeopardize their users’ privacy, so you have to remove this elusive app as soon as possible. To find out more about this malware, please read this whole article.

Research has revealed that Com.google.provision belongs to a family of similar Android-based malware that also includes Com.android.gesture.builder. We have also received reports of there being versions for MS Windows-based machines as well. However, not a lot of information has surfaced about Windows-based versions of this malware so, for the time being, we will leave it at that.

As far as its distribution methods are concerned, we have received some disturbing reports suggesting that you can download it from the Google Play Store, but there is nothing concrete there as the applications that carry Com.google.provision have not be identified. Also, this malicious tool can infect your device silently using overlay attacks. Infected websites can feature a button that you can click and initiate the download of this malware. Specific adult content hosting sites are common places where malware is distributed as you can be redirected though several URL that will not allow you to go back and insist that you click OK to prevent loading new websites.

As mentioned, this application’s primary function is to download malicious software on your device that will perform its own malicious actions. Apart from doing that, we have found that this tool can collect some technical information about your device. It might steal logins and passwords as well as other personal information. We have received information that claims that Com.google.provision is immune to you resetting your Android device to default, so you cannot get rid of it that easily. Needless to say, you have to delete Com.google.provision from your Android device as soon as the opportunity arises.

In closing, Com.google.provision is an elusive malicious tool for Android devices that can obtain administrative rights to your device and start downloading other malicious apps on it. It might also be configured to collect information about you and steal logins and passwords. Clearly, a tool such as this one has no place on your device and, therefore, ought to be removed. Follow the instructions below that will help you get rid of it.

How to deactivate apps with administrator rights

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Press Security and then select Device administrators.
  3. Go over the apps that have administrator rights.
  4. Deactivate unwanted apps and then uninstall them.
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