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SongsCenter Search

If you are into listening to music, you may find a tool like SongsCenter Search useful; however, we are here to raise some questions about this browser extension so that you can protect your PC more effectively. As a matter of fact, we have categorized this tool as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) because it may actually put your system at risk by displaying potentially unreliable third-party content. This PUP only works with Google Chrome for the time being similarly to its predecessors from the same family, including VideoCenter Search, GameCenter Search, and MovieCenter Search. This application can set a questionable search engine as your default and also change your home page and new tab at the same time not to display the usual search field. Since this tool may enter your PC along with malicious programs, it is quite likely that your computer is not really safe anymore. Therefore, we suggest that you remove SongsCenter Search from your computer as the first step towards a secure system. Please read on to learn more about the potential threats you need to face if you find this browser extension on your PC.

The only official page you can directly install this tool from is the Chrome web store at According to the statistics found on this page, this PUP is rather popular; at least, the over 160 thousand downloads makes you believe so. It is important for us to point out though that not all the extensions in this store are necessarily trustworthy or useful. Unfortunately, there can be dozens of unreliable and harmful ones until they get reported by users and blocked by Google in the end. Therefore, it is always advisable to run a web search every time you want to download a new application so that you make sure that you will install a reliable one. Interestingly, the developer's webpage,, does not offer you this new tool. There is no information or download availability either on this very simple page apart from the previous tools.

What is even more worrisome is that we have found that this PUP can also be installed by clicking on the wrong pop-up ad that could be displayed by either a questionable website or by an adware program hiding on your PC. But, if that is not enough, you can also find this PUP in free software bundles, which is probably that worst that can happen to you, i.e., that you install such a software package. You should always be very careful whenever installing a bundle because you may only be informed all the browser setting changes and additional programs being installed if you read the license agreement or choose the custom option instead of quick installation. It is important that you try to avoid suspicious torrent, freeware, online gaming, and gambling pages because these usually contain several unsafe third-party ads that could be responsible for such multiple infections. In order to make sure that your PC is secure, we suggest that you use a reliable online malware scanner to search your system for potential threats right after you delete SongsCenter Search from your browser.

As we have mentioned, this PUP wants to appeal to music fans by providing a music search pop-up window with quick links to music genres on Although this site seems legitimate and works just fine but there could be third-party ads displayed, which always means a source for potential risk if you decide to click on one. This tool also changes your default search provider to, which means that typing keywords in your address bar will provide you with search results coming from this potentially unreliable search engine. In fact, the search results will basically come from Yahoo, but this PUP may modify the results to contain questionable third-party ads and links, which are the result of promotion; this is the only way for this free tool to generate income for its creators. If you click on unreliable content, you could download infections in the background without your knowledge. But you may also open malicious pages on new tabs or windows that could deceive you and steal your personal or banking information. Even if these could be the worst case scenarios, they are still possible. If you want to keep your computer safe, we advise you to remove SongsCenter Search right now.

We have prepared the necessary guide for you to be able to get rid of this PUP if you so decide. It is quite simple even for inexperienced computer users. Please follow these steps below if you prefer manual removal. However, if you would like to make sure that your PC is all clean and stays that way, too, you should consider installing a decent anti-malware program (e.g., SpyHunter) to automatically defend you computer from all known threats. At the same time, it is also important to remember to keep your programs and drivers up-to-date for best protection.

Remove SongsCenter Search from your browser

Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F and select More tools.
  2. Go to Extensions.
  3. Find the unwanted extension and click on the Trash icon on the right.
  4. Press Remove in the confirmation window.
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