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Danger level 4
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application


Toothy is a Google Chrome browser extension that can be downloaded directly from the Chrome Web Store ( or by clicking the Download button on a pop-up promoting it. No matter what the reason it has affected your browser is, you should not keep this browser extension because it will not act beneficially for sure. It is more likely that it will only perform undesirable activities on your computer, so remove it right away. Potentially unwanted applications like Toothy are not harmful threats, but their presence might still have undesirable outcomes, so it is not a very good idea to keep them active on the system. The next paragraph of this report will explain to you why Toothy has been classified as a potentially unwanted program even though it looks decent at first glance. We will also provide more information about its removal in the last paragraph of this article too, so if you decide to get rid of this suspicious piece of software, you should read it carefully and then immediately take the necessary action to disable it.

To be frank, not much information about Toothy is provided to users, but we still believe that it is not a beneficial browser extension, so you should not even think about keeping it installed on your browser. What specialists at have found suspicious about it is that it asks a permission to “Read and change all your data on the websites you visit.” By installing it, users give it permission to do that. Also, specialists who have tested this piece of software say that the chances are high that it will start collecting information about users after it affects their browsers. Our researchers have tested hundreds of different potentially unwanted programs, so they are sure that these applications usually do not record any personally-identifiable details. Of course, they can collect automatically the so-called non-personally identifiable information. For example, it might track you and record URLs of websites you visit, links you click, advertisements displayed to you when browsing the web, and more. Additionally, since you have granted Toothy permission to change data on websites you visit by installing it, you might, for example, find third-party links placed on decent websites you visit. As you can see, Toothy does not perform any malicious activities, but it might still act in an undesirable way, so it would be best to disable it. Of course, you are the one who can decide whether to keep it or not, but we hope that you will arrive at a rational decision.

We know only two possible reasons why you have Toothy installed on your Google Chrome browser. First, you could have downloaded it willingly from the Chrome Web Store (it seems that it has already been removed from there). Second, you have installed it against your will by clicking the Download button on the pop-up promoting it. Such pop-ups promoting suspicious extensions usually go full-screen and do not allow users to close them until they agree to install the promoted piece of software. This tactic is used quite commonly, so keep in mind that you can close your browser by pressing Alt+F4 in such a case. Also, if you enable a powerful security application on your computer, we are sure no untrustworthy applications could enter your system without permission. Unfortunately, it is already too late for prevention in this case, but, luckily, you could delete Toothy quite easily.

Toothy is an ordinary browser extension, so you should not find its removal a challenging task if it is not the first time you erase an undesirable browser’s add-on. We are sure that there are less experienced users among our readers too, so we have prepared the step-by-step manual removal guide for them – find it placed below this article. If you are looking for a quicker and easier solution to the problem, you can go to scan your system with an automated malware remover. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of applications only pretending to be malware removers, so be very cautious.

How to delete Toothy

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools.
  4. Open Extensions.
  5. Select Toothy and click the button with the recycle bin.
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