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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans


Trojan.Witer.B is a malicious Trojan which may enter your computer through a variety of methods. Once Trojan.Witer.B has successfully installed itself onto your machine, your computer problems will start. This may happen each time that you boot up your computer. Trojan.Witer.B may enter your machine through a file sharing site, browser attack, a malicious link or even through an instant messenger application. This means that there are many ways that Trojan .Witer.B may enter your machine, without your knowledge or your consent. You may find only find out that you have Trojan.Witer.B running on your machine, when it is far too late and the damage has already been done.

Trojan.Witer.B may go by the following names:
• Trojan.Witer
• TrojanWiter
• Trojan Witer

Trojan.Witer.B may display some of the following symptoms:
• The system settings of your machine can change.
• Your computer can start decreasing in speed.
• Some of your files may be shared with other people, without you knowing it.
• It may feel like somebody else has power over your computer.
• Files may start to appear and disappear.
• Your computer may become completely unreliable.

Trojan.Witer.B is very dangerous and is able to modify all your search results in order to get you to land on the page that it wants you to be on. It is able to completely compromise what the search engines results look like and is able to make the malicious website appear as one of the top ten. You need to remember to not download, install or buy anything remotely related to Trojan.Witer.B.You also need to watch out for any warning messages which tells you that your computer has a virus.

If you suspect that you may have Trojan.Witer.B running on your machine, then you need to remove it immediately. You have the option of the manual removal process or alternatively the automatic removal process. You need to be aware of the factor that if you decide to choose the manual removal process, the risks are very high of you causing even more additional damage to your computer. It is seriously within your best interest to make use of the automatic removal process, which will both detect as well as effectively go about removing Trojan.Witer.B for you.

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How to manually remove Trojan.Witer.B

Files associated with Trojan.Witer.B infection:


Trojan.Witer.B processes to kill:


Remove Trojan.Witer.B registry entries:


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