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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Changes default search engine is an untrustworthy search tool that users can find set on their browsers as a homepage or a new default search tool. It seems that it works on Android and iOS devices only, but, without a doubt, it can apply settings to all web browsers it finds installed on them, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. If you already see a new website looking like an ordinary search tool open for you automatically each time you launch your web browser, this must be a sign that the browser hijacker has already affected it. is a product of AirFind, and we have to admit that it might really seem to be a reliable search tool at first glance. No matter you have a positive or a negative opinion about it, go to remove it from your browsers today because it is definitely not one of those legitimate search providers. Decent search tools never show up on users’ web browsers without permission, and, unfortunately, it is only one of several drawbacks it has. Read the next paragraph to find more about it. is called an untrustworthy search tool not without reason. First of all, it does not fit into the legitimate search tools category because it acts as a browser hijacker. That is, it can alter web browsers’ settings without the users’ knowledge. If you are sure you have not set it on browsers yourself, it is very likely that your browsers have been hijacked too. You will see it open on your screen each time you launch your browser if you do not do anything about its presence. Specialists at say that users should not use this search tool to perform web searches even though it looks like an ordinary search provider because they might be presented with third-party links. We do not say that all these links are bad, but you might be presented with links leading straight to dubious websites too. It is one of the main reasons you should not use this search tool and go to remove it completely as soon as possible. If you do not believe that these links can cause trouble and decide to let this search tool stay, you should also be aware of the fact that will collect information about you every day. To find out what details about users it is interested in, we asked our specialists to carry out in-depth research. It turned out that this search tool does not record any information that can be used to identify users as individuals unless they provide this information willingly. Also, it can only get personal details from third parties. Additionally, this search tool records non-personally identifiable information about users’ “interactions with the Services.” You cannot change how this search engine acts, but you can remove it from your browsers at any time – once it is gone, it could no longer perform any activities, e.g., present you with third-party links or collect information about you.

Not much is known about the appearance of on users’ browsers, but specialists suspect that some users set it willingly. Without a doubt, it is only a very small number of users. According to them, there are more users out there who know nothing about the appearance of this search tool, so the chances are high that they find their browsers hijacked when they install some kind of malicious app or click on a malicious link and agree with the changes. More and more threats affecting iOS and Android devices are developed, so you should be more careful starting today, and, on top of that, it is recommended that you install a security application – it might help you to keep your device safe.

You should be able to remove from your browsers by deleting the suspicious app linked to it from your device. In some cases, you might also need to reinstall those affected browsers. What we know for sure is that you cannot keep this search tool set on your browsers because it will not only be opened to you each time you launch your browser, but it might also cause problems soon.


Android OS

  1. Go to the Menu.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Select Applications.
  4. Tap Manage applications.
  5. Select the application you want to erase and tap Uninstall.


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Usage.
  4. Tap Manage Storage.
  5. Select the undesirable third-party app.
  6. Tap Delete App.

N.B If stays after removing the suspicious app, try reinstalling those affected browsers.

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