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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Slow Computer
  • System crashes
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel

Kryptonite RBY Ransomware

Kryptonite RBY Ransomware is an extremely annoying computer infection that encrypts your files and then does not give you a list of instructions that should help you restore everything. It looks like that program was designed and released as a test run for something bigger. However, just because it looks half-assed, it does not mean that this ransomware infection cannot inflict a significant damage on your computer. It can actually do a lot, and you will definitely feel the repercussions of this infection immediately. You have to remove Kryptonite RBY Ransomware from your computer because this infection might target every single healthy file you transfer to your hard drive.

This infection was first detected in the first half of September 2017. It is very likely that at first it could have been confused with another ransomware program that uses the same name. Our team says that there is a program called Kryptonite Ransomware out there, too. However, both infections happen to be completely different. It is very common for programs to share names because they might be based on the same framework or simply have the same installation filenames. Nevertheless, we would like to point out that both programs are different and they are promoted via different channels.

Kryptonite Ransomware was first released in June 2017, and this program spreads around in a bundle with a simply snake game. Kryptonite RBY Ransomware, on the other hand, employs other distribution methods that are actually quite common to the most of the ransomware infections. The information that we have suggests that this program can either enter target computers via corrupted Remote Desktop Protocol or through spam email attachments. It means that the program could be distributed manually and automatically. Unsafe remote desktop connections are often exploited by criminals to promote and share malware, but we think that spam email attachments are far more frequently used to spread this infection.

Spam email attachments are actually the most common vehicle of ransomware distribution. Normally, we have spam email filtered into our Junk folders, but the files that install Kryptonite RBY Ransomware and other dangerous programs on your computer may come in messages that look like official notifications from online stores or financial institutions. In other words, they look like the real deal, and sometimes users feel inclined to open them. If you open an attached file without any second thoughts, it is no surprise that you get infected with the likes of Kryptonite RBY Ransomware. If you think that you must open a particular file, you should at least scan it with a reliable antispyware tool.

Once this infection enters your computer, it does not tell you anything about the encryption until it is too late to do anything about it. When you launch the Kryptonite RBY Ransomware installer file, the program starts encrypting your files in the background. The infection affects almost all of the personal files, including MS document files, PDF files, images, and so on. Just like most of the other ransomware programs, Kryptonite RBY Ransomware adds an extension to the filenames of the encrypted files. For instance, if you had a file cat.jpeg, after the encryption, the filename will look like cat.jpeg.locked.

Normally, when ransomware programs encrypt the files, they display ransom notes. Kryptonite RBY Ransomware does change your desktop background, but its ransom “note” does not have any substantial information. It just says that the files on your hard disk were encrypted, and there is also a message in Russian that says there is a flag hidden in the photo on your screen. However, this is not useful at all because it does not tell you where you transfer ransom fee and so on. Not that you should pay these criminals in the first place.

You need to remove Kryptonite RBY Ransomware from your system. For that, you should delete all the recently downloaded files. After that, scan your computer with a licensed antispyware tool that will terminate any remaining files you could have missed.

When the malicious program is gone, you can transfer healthy copies of your files back into your computer. Perhaps you have a backup in an external hard drive, or maybe you keep most of your files somewhere online. The point is that it is always possible to restore at least part of your data that has been damaged by a ransomware infection.

How to Remove Kryptonite RBY Ransomware

  1. Go to your Downloads folder.
  2. Delete the most recently downloaded files.
  3. Remove unknown files from your Desktop.
  4. Scan your computer with SpyHunter.
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