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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Changes default search engine

If you ever discover set on your browsers without your knowledge, you should know that Search Free Horoscope New Tab, a browser extension that promises to grant easy access to “free horoscope content,” is the one that should be blamed for setting a new page on your Internet Explorer/Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox. Although it tells users that it will only modify the New Tab URL, the truth is that it changes such important settings as a default search tool and homepage on all web browsers as well. Because of this, users see opening for them automatically each time they open their browsers. Some of them do not really care what search tool to use to perform web searches; however, others wish to restore their good old pages. We hope that you belong to the second group of people. Specialists at say that the search tool promoted by Search Free Horoscope New Tab is not a harmful malicious application; however, it is not a reliable search provider either, so it would be smart to replace it with another page. You could set a new page only when you fully delete the suspicious extension from your browser, so take action today. might look like a trustworthy search tool at first glance because it has an interface of an ordinary search tool; however, despite the legitimate-looking appearance it has, we cannot allow you to use this tool for searching the information on the web on a daily basis. Its main drawback is not that it usually appears on users’ browsers without their knowledge. Instead, researchers do not consider it a decent search provider because it might show the modified Yahoo search results. To put it differently, even though you see Yahoo, a trustworthy search engine, search results on your screen after entering a search query, you might also be presented with ads and links that are not associated in any way with your entered search query. They will take you to pages that do not have any information you are looking for either. You might even end up on pages with the untrustworthy content, so you should be very careful. Actually, it would be best to stop using as a default search tool completely because you will only be sure that you could not click on any of these modified search results when you eliminate this suspicious search tool from your browsers and start using a new search engine.

You should think twice before letting the Search Free Horoscope New Tab extension and the search tool it promotes stay on your computer because information about you will be gathered automatically every day. Luckily, only non-personally identifiable information, consisting of such details as IP address, geographic location, the domain name of the Internet Service Provider, and the type of browser, will be recorded. Although this information cannot identify you personally, you should still put an end to this activity ASAP because the collected information might end up in the hands of bad people. We are sure you would not want this to happen.

What else shows that Search Free Horoscope New Tab is not the most trustworthy extension is the fact that it can enter computers without permission and then alter all browsers’ settings. Some users download it from its official website ( or Chrome Web Store, but it seems that the majority of users out there do not know anything about the entrance of this extension, which clearly shows that it might be spread using other deceptive methods. According to specialists at, the chances are high that it travels in software bundles hiding behind software from,,, and similar pages. This also explains why users do not know that they install the suspicious extension on their PCs.

The removal of should not be complicated because this dubious search tool can be removed from browsers by removing the extension promoting it. You will have to remove it from all those affected browsers. If you have never done that before, you should consult our manual removal guide. Alternatively, let an automatic tool do this for you. If you do not have a security tool installed on your PC, you will first need to acquire one.


Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Press Alt+T to open the Tools menu.
  3. Click Manage add-ons.
  4. Select the add-on linked to and delete it.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and press Alt+T.
  2. Click Add-ons.
  3. Locate Search Free Horoscope New Tab and click the Remove button.

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome and press Alt+F.
  2. Select More tools.
  3. Open Extensions.
  4. Locate the undesirable extension.
  5. Click the trash button and then click Remove in the confirmation window.
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