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Danger level 7
Type: Adware

Votre Ordinateur Peut Tre En Pril Tech Support Scam

Votre Ordinateur Peut Tre En Pril Tech Support Scam is a simple pop-up screen that is shown on certain websites or adware-type applications. We consider this pop-up as a scam designed to promote a particular fake tech support phone number. Allegedly, the techies on the other end of the lines will assist you in removing malware that allegedly has infected your PC. However, what you ought to do instead is uninstall the software that promotes this scammy pop-up. In this short article, we will discuss how this pop-up can appear on your PC, what its purpose is, and how you might be able to get rid of it, provided that it is shown to you on a regular basis.

First and foremost, Votre Ordinateur Peut Tre En Pril Tech Support Scam is tailored for the French-speaking populations across the globe, so it can be more prevalent in France, part of Canada, and several other countries. Now, as far as the distribution methods for this pop-up go, we believe that certain shady websites can load it when visiting them for or clicking a link on those sites. Furthermore, it is possible that particular adware-type programs made as browser extensions have been configured to show this pop-up while you browse the web. You may get adware by going to freeware websites and downloading software from there. However, you may not know that such sites are prone to featuring bundled software installers that are often set to install adware and other types of malicious software on a computer without the user’s knowledge or consent.

Votre Ordinateur Peut Tre En Pril Tech Support Scam claims that your computer has been infected with malware that can crash your system. The pop-up window suggests that you call cyber security techies to get, allegedly, award-wining assistance. However, the reality is that this pop-up is deceptive because your PC may not be infected with malware apart from the adware that shows you this pop-up. The message is clear: you have to call 01 82 88 39 04. We do not recommend that you call that number because the people on the other end of the line might try to convince you to buy their promoted applications to rid your PC of malware. Furthermore, they may charge you for consulting them and may even try to get your online banking credentials. Therefore, do not be gullible. Do not believe the lies that this pop-up was set up to push and stop visiting sites that load this pop-up and remove the software that is rendering on your browser window.

Votre Ordinateur Peut Tre En Pril Tech Support Scam is nothing more than a scam. Its primary objective is to convince you that your PC has been infected with malware and offer you to get help by calling its promoted fake tech support number. However, you should not do that because all you will get is offers to buy useless software and other products. Therefore, we recommend that you remove whatever software is showing it to you or do not visit the websites that promote this pop-up because the owners of those sites are paid for promoting it. We recommend using SpyHunter’s free malware scanner to detect the program that promotes this scam and go to the location of that program and delete it manually.

Removal Guide

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to
  3. Download SpyHunter-Installer.exe and run it.
  4. Launch the program and click Scan Computer Now!
  5. Copy the file path of the malware from the scan results.
  6. Simultaneously press Windows+E keys.
  7. Enter the file path of the malware in File Explorer’s address box.
  8. Press Enter.
  9. Find and right-click the malicious file and then click Delete.
  10. Right-click the Recycle Bin and click Empty the Recycle Bin.
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