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Danger level 8
Type: Trojans

Novo Optimizer Gpu Miner

Novo Optimizer Gpu Miner is a potentially dangerous Trojan program that can infiltrate your system without your permission and knowledge. This Trojan seems to be the creation of Microleaves LTD who is also responsible for a potentially unwanted program called Traffic Exchange. This malware infection was designed to mine digital currency pools using the processor of your graphics card as a power source. This means that this Trojan may not only operate on your system behind your back but it may as well endanger the life of your graphics card by possibly overloading it. Since this Trojan is distributed in questionable ways, it is quite likely that you will find other malware infections and potentially unwanted programs as well on board. So, if you find out that this malicious program is operating on your system, you should make sure to scan your PC for other threats as well after you remove Novo Optimizer Gpu Miner. For the details on how this infection may appear on your system and how it operates, please continue reading our full article.

Obviously, there is no official website that would promote this questionable program as it has no real and beneficial functions and features for you at all. In fact, it is only good for its creators as it can generate a decent income through mining digital currencies. Therefore, the most likely way for you to infect your system with this threat is to install a freeware bundle. This bundle may contain an unwanted free program that may install this Trojan without even disclosing this to you. Most bundle installers may reveal their true content in the license agreement or in the installation screens as you move on with it. But this is where most victims actually go wrong and ignore the specific information that notifies them about certain browser setting changes or additional tools to be installed. We need to add that this information may also be presented in a way that you would tend to fail to notice it.

You can easily download such a package when you use suspicious file-sharing or P2P sites for downloading free software or other free files (e.g., movies and audio files). These torrent and freeware pages usually promote questionable third-party installers that could pack several malicious threats and potentially unwanted programs alongside probably legitimate free software. Another way for you to end up with such a bundle on board is to click on unsafe third-party advertisements (banner and pop-up ads), fake buttons, and fake notifications. The most likely way to encounter such content is to visit suspicious online betting, gaming, dating, and file-sharing pages. Since there could be several malware threats on your system right now, we suggest that after you delete Novo Optimizer Gpu Miner, you run a trustworthy malware scanner to identify all other harmful programs.

This malicious program was created to do mining for digital currency. This means that your computer, or mostly your GPU, i.e., your Graphics Processing Unit, is used as a power source to be able to operate and access remote digital currency pools to mine a specific currency. Since these calculations may require serious GPU power, you may experience visible graphics issues while playing games or simply using your computer. If you find novoone.exe, novoopt.exe, novoping.exe, npsvc.exe, or windriver.exe processes in your Task Manager, you can be sure that the slow operation of your system is owing to this malware threat. Since this Trojan autostarts with Windows, it will operate in the background every time you reboot. If you do not want a suspicious program to be active on your computer or that it potentially kills your video card, we recommend that you remove Novo Optimizer Gpu Miner as soon as possible.

Since the uninstaller of this Trojan that you can find in the list of installed programs in Control Panel does not work properly and leaves leftovers, we suggest that you use our guide below to manually delete Novo Optimizer Gpu Miner and the related files and registry entries. If you wish to use an automated method, we advise you to install a reliable anti-malware program like SpyHunter. It is also important that you keep all your programs and drivers always updated because that could also help protect your PC against cyber attacks.

How to remove Novo Optimizer Gpu Miner from Windows

  1. Press Win+E to open File Explorer.
  2. Locate and delete the following folders:
    %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Novo (64-bit)
  3. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  4. Press Win+R and type regedit. Click OK.
  5. Locate and delete the following registry value names:
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\Novo
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Novo (64-bit)
  6. Close your editor.
  7. Restart your computer.
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