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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Changes default search engine is a new browser hijacker from Polarity technologies, a company known for releasing dozens of browser hijackers that replace homepage addresses and new tab pages of infected browsers in an effort to make you use them to search the Internet. Hijackers such as are also used for online advertising, and this particular hijacker promotes links in its search results that can jeopardize your PC’s security. Therefore, it is vital that you remove because it is highly unreliable and offers nothing of value.

Polarity Technologies is a highly unreliable malware developer that has been releasing hijackers such as for years now. Most of the hijackers are very similar, so this new hijacker is no different from,, and Most of the hijackers from this company look and work very similarly. However, some of the biggest differences are in the distribution department because some of them come with an accompanying browser extension while others do not. is not distributed with a browser extension, so its developers rely on third-party software installers to inject it into your browser secretly. The malicious software installers might not allow you to opt out and install this hijacker by default. You may encounter this hijacker and similar hijackers on websites such as,,, The installers featured on such sites may have been set to inject this hijacker into your browser by default, and you may not be offered to deselect its installation. As a result, this hijacker can infect your PC.

If this hijacker were to infect your PC, then it will replace the homepage address and, possibly, the new tab page of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The objective is to make you use this hijacker for searching the web. It redirects all entered search queries to a modified Yahoo search engine that will provide you with modified search results that can feature promotional links from unverified sources. Therefore, we assume that at least a small portion of the ads you see can redirect you to malicious websites that can, potentially, infect your PC with more dangerous malware or redirect you to fake online shopping sites that might try to scam you. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use this hijacker at all.

Another important thing to note is that this browser hijacker has been configured to collect information about you that is to be used for promotional purposes. According to the privacy policy, can obtain information such as your browser type, operating system type, browsing history, entered search terms, approximate location and so on. This information is non-personally identifiable and is used for geotargeting purposes to make more money.

In conclusion, is a highly malicious search engine set to replace your browser’s homepage address to make you use it and all of the potentially dangerous as it is capable of throwing at you. To keep your PC safe and secure, we recommend that you remove this hijacker from your PC as soon as you can. See the guide below for more information.

How to change the homepage address

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Launch the browser.
  2. Simultaneously press Alt+T.
  3. Click Options and select General.
  4. Erase and enter a new address.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Launch the browser.
  2. Hold down Alt+T and click Internet Options.
  3. Erase
  4. Enter a new URL.
  5. Click OK.

Google Chrome

  1. Launch the browser.
  2. Press Alt+F keys.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click Set pages.
  5. Erase
  6. Enter a new URL
  7. Click OK.
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