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Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

SafeSearch Incognito

Do not install the extension called SafeSearch Incognito no matter how appealing the description of this extension is because your browsers’ (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) settings will be altered thus making your preferred URLs gone from the default search page, homepage, and New Tab. Users who install this extension willingly from its official website ( or the Chrome Web Store ( usually know what it is capable of. That is, they know that it will redirect all the searches to “SafeSearch Incognito’s privacy-enhanced search results.” We cannot say the same about those users who have nothing to do with the entrance of this suspicious extension. If you are among them and found those changes applied to your web browsers undesirable, you can discard them quite easily. You just need to remove the extension responsible for making these modifications. Luckily, we know its name –SafeSearch Incognito. We will talk about its removal in detail in the last paragraph of this article, so read it carefully if you arrive at a decision to eliminate the undesirable browser extension.

We know why some users out there install the SafeSearch Incognito extension willingly. It claims that it can make it possible to perform web searches anonymously. To put it differently, it should no longer allow popular search tools like Google and Yahoo! to record information about users and their activities. It does that by setting its own search page This URL set looks like an ordinary search provider, but, unfortunately, we cannot confirm that it will make it possible to perform web searches anonymously. Researchers say that search tools belonging to potentially unwanted programs often present users with sponsored links, so you should be very careful with the search tool set by the SafeSearch Incognito extension as well. In the opinion of our security specialists, it would be the smartest decision to remove this search tool set from browsers because the extension promoting it is not a fully reliable piece of software, so the chances are high that the search page it promotes cannot be trusted completely either. They even say that it might not be able to ensure the users’ privacy even if it claims that it can do this. Instead, it might record some details about them itself. Sadly, its Privacy Policy confirms this – it should mainly record non-personally identifiable information like the default browser, the type of the OS used, IP address, geographic location, a list of websites visited, and more. The final decision is, of course, yours, but if we were you, we would go to eliminate it from browsers because it is not exactly what it claims to be.

As you should already know, a new search page ( set on two browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can indicate only one thing – the extension SafeSearch Incognito has been successfully installed. Some users initiate its installation themselves by clicking the button available on, i.e., its official website or the Chrome Web Store. Others have no idea how and when this extension affected their browsers. Because of this, it is very likely that this extension might enter computers without the user’s knowledge. For example, it might travel bundled with third-party software classified as freeware. On top of that, it might come as a redirect, specialists say. There are several different methods used to spread potentially unwanted programs, so you will surely allow a new PUP to enter your system if you do nothing to ensure your system’s protection today. We do not expect you to protect your PC alone. Instead, we recommend installing and enabling security software on your computer.

If you have ever erased an extension from your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, it should not be hard to delete SafeSearch Incognito for you too. In case you are not one of those experienced users, let our step-by-step manual removal guide help you. If you do not find these instructions very helpful either, use an automated malware remover to delete the undesirable browser extension. You must only use a trustworthy scanner because users who use the first tool found on the web risk ending up with more harmful threats on their computers.

How to delete SafeSearch Incognito

Google Chrome

  1. Start Google Chrome and press Alt+F.
  2. Click More tools.
  3. Open Extensions.
  4. Select SafeSearch Incognito and click the trash icon next to it.
  5. Click Remove.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and press Ctrl+Shift+A simultaneously.
  2. Find SafeSearch Incognito on the list and select it.
  3. Click the Remove button.
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