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Pixel World Extension

On paper, Pixel World Extension might seem like a useful tool, but it is not. Another thing it is not is a reliable extension. Sure, it could end up being harmless, but it is absolutely unpredictable and mysterious, and, unfortunately, there is a great possibility that it was created to work in ways you cannot even imagine. Why have we come to a conclusion like that? Well, because the creator of this add-on is unknown, and they have not shared any information about the mysterious add-on either. This kind of software can turn out to be the most dangerous and malicious. On the other hand, the lack of effort put into developing and representing a program indicates just how useless and helpless it might be. In either case, trusting the suspicious extension is not a good idea, and that is why we recommend deleting it. At the moment, it seems that only Google Chrome users might need to remove Pixel World Extension. If you find that you need to eliminate the add-on from other browsers, let us know, and we will update the guide that is available below.

There are quite a few potentially unwanted programs (known as “PUPs”) that are not as useful as they initially claim to be. Some of the most recent extensions of this kind include Bookmarks Button and SearchPrivately, both of which offer services that are already available for all Google Chrome users. Pixel World is similarly as useless because all it offers is the count of pixels in the display to reveal screen resolution. If you are a Windows user, you can right-click anywhere on your Desktop and select “Screen resolution” to check this number. Of course, maybe someone would find it more useful that a button attached to their browser could reveal this data, but, in general, the Pixel World Extension is useless. So, what is the point in creating an add-on like this? Unfortunately, we cannot know for sure, but it appears that a service that some might find useful could hide more clandestine activity. For example, the add-on could record and leak information about the users and their activity. Maybe it could enable the representation of third-party advertisements and links as well. The possibilities are endless.

We cannot discuss Pixel World Extension without discussing its distribution as well. Although this add-on does not have an official download page – and that is a good indicator that it is not very reliable – it is represented via the Chrome web store. You can find it at chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pixel-world/mnnebefcmhnlipookcleffganaajceja. The last part of the link indicates the Chrome ID that the extension has. This source promotes legitimate extensions, and so it is considered reliable; however, potentially unwanted add-ons, adware, and hijackers could be promoted via it as well. The fact that there is no information linked to Pixel World should help you realize that this extension is not reliable. Have you not used the Chrome app store to install this extension? In this case, you might have let it in with the help of a third-party installer. Quite possibly, you downloaded the add-on bundled with other suspicious programs or even malicious threats that must be deleted.

Most Google Chrome users have added and removed extensions before, and so we are sure that most will be able to delete Pixel World Extension themselves. If you need guidance, check out the instructions below. They also include steps showing how to clear browsing data, which is something we strongly recommend doing to ensure that all traces of this PUP are eliminated. Needless to say, this manual removal guide was created to help you eliminate this particular unwanted extension, and we cannot promise that this method will work in other cases. What if other infections are found running along with Pixel World? In this case, we recommend installing software that could automatically eliminate the threats that are active. We suggest installing a legitimate anti-malware tool because if you keep it updated, you will not need to think about other threats in the future. Do you have more questions for our research team? Do not be shy about sharing them in the comments section.

Pixel World Removal

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Enter chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.
  3. Click the recycle bin next to Pixel world and choose Remove.
  4. Enter chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar.
  5. Choose the time range and mark the boxes indicating the data you want to erase.
  6. Click CLEAR BROWSING DATA and then restart the browser.
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