Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

Your Mini Truetest Extension

Your Mini Truetest Extension is a recently found browser extension that was created exclusively for Google Chrome. This extension was made by someone whose online alias is serebryakov.leha90, so its real developer is unknown. While this extension is not malicious, it has some questionable features, so it was classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP.) Our tests have shown that it can show ads in a dedicated window. Furthermore, while it is not confirmed, it is reasonable to assume that this extension was set to collect some anonymous information about you to show customized, targeted ads that will make its developers a lot of money. This application is dedicated to generating ad revenue and not providing you with a useful service. Therefore, you should remove it from your PC when the opportunity arises.

If you install this application on your web browser, then you will not notice any improvement in your browsing experience. This extension will not add any new features or improve those that are present. However, you will see a new icon on the top-right of the screen. If you click this icon, then a drop down window will open showing a preview of a website. Your Mini Truetest Extension promotes third-party sites like that. If you click the window and visit it, then its creators will get paid for promoting it. This application is dedicated to showing ads, but we want to inform you that some of the advertised websites can be unsafe. While we did not find any promoted malicious websites when we tested this program, there is no reason why it cannot promote malicious websites in the future.

This application has not EULA and Privacy Policy, so its developer did not make the extra effort to make this application look legitimate. Another thing to note is that all of the promoted websites are of Russian origin and so is Your Mini Truetest Extension because it seems like it was created by a Russian speaking developer. Apart from showing ads, we believe that this application was configured to collect some anonymous information about you to present you with personalized advertisements that would generate its developers more money. The collected information can include your IP address, Internet Service Provider (ISP) domain name, approximate geographical location, browser version, and operating system type and version. Collecting this information is legal, but you might not want to do that because creators misuse this information for selfish commercial reasons.

Now let us talk about how this extension is being distributed. Our malware analysts have concluded that this extension is being disseminated with the help from freeware distributing sites. Those sites bundle Your Mini Truetest Extension with their featured software. As a result, when you get software from such websites and install it, this extension can secretly be installed on your PC as well. Nevertheless, if you opt for custom or advanced installation settings, then you can uncheck this program’s installation. Apart from being deceptively distributed via software bundles, you can also get it from the Chrome Web Store which states that this application has nearly 3,000 users. However, you should refrain from getting it and get rid of it if you already have in on your browser.

In closing, Your Mini Truetest Extension is one shady application that will not improve your browsing experience. If anything, it can only hinter it and put your PC at risk because there is no telling whether the promoted websites are safe to visit. Therefore, we recommend that you remove this application. It is a simple matter of deleting it from your browser’s list of extensions. See the guide below if you require more information.

Removal Guide

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Select More tools.
  4. Click Extensions.
  5. Locate Your Mini Truetest Extension.
  6. Click Remove.
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