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Spider Sally Ads

Spider Sally Ads is a newly discovered browser extension that falls into the category of potentially unwanted programs because it is mostly useless. Nevertheless, we want to point out that its primary purpose is to insert its featured search engine into your browser so that you would use it for searching the web. Its accompanying browser extension is a big part of the equation because this extension is nothing without it. This extension is set to replace your browser’s homepage address with Home.spidersally.com — its featured search engine and, therefore, you should remove because of this. This extension is also used to collect information that is then used by the search engine to present customized search results with personalized promotional links that can be unreliable and outright dangerous to your computer’s security.

Spider Sally Ads is an extension that is compatible with Google Chrome only, and its purpose is to replace your browser’s homepage address, new tab page and search provider with Home.spidersally.com. Without a doubt, its creators want you to use this search engine every step of the way. Home.spidersally.com is a functional search engine but is rather useless because it redirects all entered search queries to Google.com. Therefore, what you get are Google’s search results, so Home.spidersally.com does not offer anything unique.

Still, Home.spidersally.com has the ability to collect information about you. If you have Spider Sally Ads installed on your browser, then it will collect non-personally identifiable information about you automatically. According to the privacy policy, the collected information includes your “IP address, search terms, URL of websites visited while the extension is active, and your browser type and computer type.” The policy also states that Spider Sally Ads automatically sends certain this information to search partners’ servers to return requested information to you. This data includes your search query or term clicked browser type, default language setting, IP address, unique identifier number, and a code identifying you as a user of this extension.

Spider Sally Ads cab use JavaScript, web and DOM storage data and other technologies to collect information about you and the use of the extension. Home.spidersally.com, on the other hand, can use browser cookies, Adobe Flash, pixels, beacons, iFrames, JavaScript, web and DOM storage data, third party APIs and other information collection technologies to keep tabs on you as well. All this information is collected to generate ad revenue. Home.spidersally.com is being monetized, so you may see third-party ads on the search results page or on its main page while you use it for searching the web. Unfortunately, you cannot be certain that the ads are safe to click because some of them can redirect you to malware infested websites.

Spider Sally Ads and Home.spidersally.com come from the same developers. However, neither the privacy policy nor the terms of service provide any information about the origins of these products. As far as its distribution methods are concerned, this extension is featured on the Chrome Web Store which does not provide any useful information about it. This program also has a dedicated distribution website at Spidersally.com that hosts its standalone installer. This site claims that this extension can allow you to play and search for games, but that is untrue as this extension is in no way associated with any game hosting websites. Finally, we want to mention that Spider Sally Ads can come bundled with malicious software installers that can be configured to install this extension automatically but may allow you to uncheck its installation after opting for advanced/custom installation settings.

To summarize, Spider Sally Ads is an unreliable browser extension that does not offer anything of value. While it claims that it can provide you with access to games, we have found that it does nothing of the sort. In fact, we have concluded that its sole purpose is to serve as a vehicle for its featured search engine. The search engine can potentially feature ad-supported search results with links to malicious websites. The bottom line is that this extension is no good. If you want to remove, please see the guide below.

Removal Guide

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Select More tools.
  4. Click Extensions.
  5. Find Spider Sally Ads.
  6. Click the Remove button.
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