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Chill Tab NewTab

Chill Tab NewTab, or simply Chill Tab, is a browser extension that changes the home page, default search provider, and startup page of new tabs of the Chrome browser. The browser extension has been categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP), which can be removed from the computer by certain malware and spyware prevention programs. The Chill Tab NewTab browser extension is present as a tool that can provide you with the quickest search. However, the majority browser extensions changing home pages or startup pages are aimed at delivering the best search results. After having your preferenced changed to search.chill-tab.com/?q=, you might have to deal with some undesirable results, which will be soon discussed in more detail.

The extension in question is promoted in the Chrome Web Store which, unfortunately, is not the only source of the extension. Chill Tab NewTab is also distributed by software bundles, the contents of which are usually unpredictable. Chill Tab NewTab could be presented as an optional program alongside some other program you want to installer, which means that it is crucial to be very attentive to the information provided by the software installer. Software bundles may also contain a software program which is not presented to the user, which would normally mean that the unwanted program is installed without the user’s permission. Such programs are very often categorized as potentially unwanted programs, even though they are not as dangerous or damaging as complex computer infections programmed to steal or delete valuable personal information. In order to prevent such episodes, it is crucial to keep the system shielded from different types of malware.

With the Chill Tab NewTab extension on your Chrome browser, you do not lose the chance to use other search providers, but when search.chill-tab.com is loaded, the odds are that you will use the search offered. It seems that the developers want to keep their clients attracted, since the search offers users a real-time temperature report based on the location. Moreover, the startup page of the search provider features a colourful background picture which can be changed by clicking an image icon in the upper-right corner of the startup page. When it comes to the very search results, the search results are based on the Yahoo! Search. We recommend using such search engine very carefully since such search results might be altered by schemers to deliberately drive you to unreliable websites. Your interaction with malicious websites might result in a range of consequences. For example, you might be deceived into installing a fake program or filling in your personal details in a fake questionnaire. There are more ways of deception, so, if you do not want to risk your privacy, you should be very critical to various online offers or encouragements to get involved in some activity.

The search engine promoted by the extension and the extension itself collect certain non-personally identifiable information, which includes your browsing behavior and browser settings. That means that every time you browse the Internet through the search engine provided by Chill Tab NewTab, your search queries, websites visited, time spent on those websites, and other details are recorded. Such information is very often recorded by search providers, but the reputation and reliability of the search provider should also be taken into consideration. If you do not want to involuntarily contribute to some advertising campaign by allowing unwanted third parties to monitor you, remove Chill Tab NewTab from the computer and make sure that other undesirable programs are removed from the computer too.

The removing of the Chill Tab NewTab browser extension is not a complex process since it is enough to delete the unwanted extension. However, you should not forget the overall security status of your operating system. To find what malicious files must be removed from the computer, use a reliable security tool. The Internet is full of various malicious threats, and you are the only one responsible for your online privacy, so do not wait any longer but take action as soon as you can.

How to remove Chill Tab NewTab

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Click the button with three dots in the upper-right corner of the browser.
  3. Select More tools.
  4. Click Extensions.
  5. Remove the unwanted browser extension.


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