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Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

History Button Extension

You must have opened this link because you encountered History Button Extension on your Chrome browser. This extension is supposed to help you find your latest browsing history at just one click. Nevertheless, our security experts categorize this application as a potentially unwanted program because it may exhibit certain behavioral patterns that can be considered potentially harmful or undesirable. If you did not plan to have this extension on-board, you will do yourself a favor if you remove History Button Extension right now. Scroll down to the bottom of this description for the manual removal instructions and then make sure your PC is protected against similar threats.

Now, why are we talking about “similar threats” here? It is because it is highly doubtful that this extension is the only unwanted application installed on your computer. The point is that such programs tend to be distributed in software bundles. It means that several undesirable apps enter your computer together, although you might not be aware of it. For instance, if you download an application from a file-sharing site, there is a good chance that the site employs a third-party downloader/installer to get these programs down to your system. And this third-party installer can download and install additional programs you neither need nor want.

Of course, it should not be hard to avoid adding History Button Extension to your browser if you go through the installation process carefully. Normally, third-party installers inform users about the additional programs that are about to be added to browsers or installed on the system. The problem is that users tend to breeze through the installation and, as a result, they eventually have multiple unwanted applications on their computer. It is a relief if most of these applications are something like History Button Extension, but there might also be stealthy programs out there that enter your system surreptitiously and then perform certain modifications that make your system extremely vulnerable to third-party exploitation.

Hence, in a way, History Button Extension could be one of the first signs that there might be something wrong with your system’s security. In other words, the program could be the least of your worries. And we do not believe that it is inherently malicious. After all, the extension has an official homepage you can access at On the other hand, clicking the “Add to Chrome” button does not work, so it is obvious that the direct distribution does not work, and the program must enter computers in some other way.

As far as dealing with this application is concerned, prevention is probably the best way to avoid this problem. And checking the installation steps is just one of the few of the ways to make sure you avoid such unwanted extensions. There is also the source element. For instance, if you download programs from their official sources, the possibility of installing additional programs decreases almost to zero. Of course, there are also official installers out there that might come with third-party bundles, but in such a case the installer is a lot more explicit about the additional programs it offers.

Finally, there is yet another one aspect of History Button Extension you should consider before you start trusting this app. We to remember that browser extensions tend to collect information about the web browsing habits. So the app might employ tracking cookies to find out the websites you frequent. Normally, this information is later on used for online marketing and other commercial content promotion. Thus, it might be annoying to encounter commercial content when you browse the web, and it could also prove to be dangerous if the extension’s advertising network gets exploited by cyber criminals.

You can remove History Button Extension via the browser’s settings. It is a lot more important to make sure that there are no more additional threats that could expose you to dangerous websites or steal your data.

Hence, when you get rid of the extension, run a full system scan with the SpyHunter free scanner. Then, you should be able to find all the other unnecessary programs that could cause certain trouble. Delete them all and then safeguard your system against other unwanted applications by investing a legitimate antispyware tool.

How to Delete History Button Extension

  1. Launch your Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and go to More tools.
  3. Click Extensions on the drop down menu.
  4. Delete History Button Extension and restart the browser.
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