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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans


Backdoor.Olux.A is one of the latest Trojan infections to be wreaking its malicious havoc on the World Wide Web.

Backdoor.Olux.A is malware designed solely to compromise the integrity of any system is has infiltrated.

The main aim of Backdoor.Olux.A is to steal sensitive information from the infiltrated computer system, and it may also download alternative potentially malicious files onto the computer system is has infected.

Backdoor.Olux.A, as a typical Trojan infection tends to infiltrate a system via security or browser exploits and is usually unseen once in the system.
Upon installation, Backdoor.Olux.A will carry out its harmful functionality, and will only compromise the system it has infiltrated.

Important to bear in mind is the fact that once embedded within a computer system, Backdoor.Olux.A tends to gather personal, financial and banking information stored on the system, and allow an outside remote controller access to this gathered information.

In order to protect your system against the threat of Backdoor.Olux.A and the likes of, there are 4 main rules you should always adhere to:

• Rule 1:
Keep your Windows up to date.
(Tip: Regularly visit Windows Update and set your PC to receive security and critical updates automatically)

• Rule 2:
Download and install a reliable anti-spyware program, one that will recognize the current form of Infostealer.Phax, as well as other forms of spyware.

• Rule 3:
Install a firewall onto your system, and keep it turned on. A firewall is essential for complete protection for your system.

• Rule 4:
Keep the definitions in your anti-spyware up to date at all times.

A good way to ensure your system remains safe and secure is highlighted below; you should follow these steps to prevent PC threat invasions:

• Enable a firewall on your computer.
• Get the latest computer updates for all your installed software.
• Use up-to-date antivirus software.
• Use caution when opening attachments and accepting file transfers.
• Use caution when clicking on links to web pages.

To avoid any unneeded risks of damage to your computer system, it is highly recommended to utilize a reliable and legitimate anti-spyware application, to remove Backdoor.Olux.A and all its components from the infected computer system.

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How to manually remove Backdoor.Olux.A

Files associated with Backdoor.Olux.A infection:


Backdoor.Olux.A processes to kill:


Remove Backdoor.Olux.A registry entries:


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