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Danger level 8
Type: Trojans is a generic description for a gang of Trojan Horse infections which will attempt to block the infected computer from launching the following files: files with extensions: .com, .doc, .exe, .ini, .sys, and .vxd.

Due to this very reason, is regarded as highly dangerous, as it kills such a wide range of files, resulting in possibly ruining applications and leaving the computer compromised and damaged. is further classified by many experts as the following:
* Cloaked Malware
* Malicious Software

The following are symptoms associated with this type of malicious application:

* Allows parasites associated with the file to operate invisibly in the background.
* May record your credit cards, bank passwords and other personal information. * Parasites operate on your PC while malicious file is present on the system. may tend to display the following properties:

* Executes a Process
* Writes to another Process\'s Virtual Memory (Process Hijacking)
* Created as a process on disk
* Added as a Registry auto start to load Program on Boot up
* Has code inserted into its Virtual Memory space by other programs

Below is a list of features that will help define whether a file the likes of and any of its affiliated components are legitimate or not:

* First examine the description, the product or the company signing – if signing is absent, misspelled or modified there is a high risk that the file is illegitimate.
* At initial activation illegitimate file opens a small window and immediately closes under the cursor. This process is called dummywin.exe and proves illegitimacy of the file.
* A file can get injected when cursor moves on the window and in this way activates the process. Usually certain files will display a notification.
* On a powerful PC the window will display and close instantly before you can even react.
* You can check information on the file online; this will reduce the risk of removing a legitimate program.

We recommend running a scan of the infected computer in order to detect any additional spyware threats. One should make use of a legitimate antispyware tool, to ensure this PC threat,, is totally eradicated from the infected system.

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How to manually remove

Files associated with infection:

ne0kS.exe processes to kill:


Remove registry entries:


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