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Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

Scanfolder Disk

Scanfolder Disk is a desktop application that scans different directories and search for duplicate files, file size, directories, and extensions. In more technical terms, Scanfolder Disk is a disk optimizer which should show you what content should be removed so that the system can function efficiently. Upon installation, the software program configures various scheduled tasks which eventually launch other programs that connect to infected Russian websites and send information. Unfortunately, the information shared is encoded, which means that the content of the messages sent remains unknown. The fact that the Scanfolder Disk program communicates with remote website cause concern over its reliability, and we advise you to remove it from the computer.

As you might guess, the Scanfolder Disk program falls to the category of potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), so you should think about this program critically. The software can get installed on the computer unnoticed, which is another factor that should make you question its creators' real motives. Our recommendation is to remove Scanfolder Disk from the computer in order to prevent long-term consequences, one of which could be a loss of valuable personal data.

The Scanfolder Disk program is one of those tools that are only seem to be useful. In reality, they are usually useless or even annoying. When analyzing the Scanfolder Disk, malware researcher came up with an idea that this application might function as an ad-clicking bot. More specifically, the application is likely to turn your computer into a robot that automatically clicks on certain advertisements so the advertisers gain huge profits. Ad-clicking frauds based on special software leads to a worse performance of the affected computer since its resources are used for illegal activities. If you find that the computer's performance changed after having the Scanfolder Disk program installed, the odds are that that your devices is being used as a tool for shady acts.

A close attention to Scanfolder Disk should be paid when the program is found on the computer unexpectedly. Very often PUPs are installed unnoticed or even without asking the user's permission. How does that happen? PUPs are spread as bundles, meaning that they can be offered during the installation program of a different program. When you are offered to installed an optional program, it is advisable to opt it out so that you do not have to suffer from unexpected consequences. Reading or skimming the license agreement or any other piece of information displayed by the installer is vital; otherwise, you may end up trying to find the way how to remove the unwanted application.

The application is spread in Russian-speaking countries, but that does not mean that it cannot appear in countries where different languages are used. According to the license agreement of the application, users are provided with the license which is translated from the Russian language. That implies that the developers (or developer) are Russian-speaking and are likely to be based in a country where the Russian language is prevalent.

Another fact that should raise users' suspicion is that the official website ( of Scanfolder Disk contains little information about the very program. Moreover, the website does not provide the chance to download the program. The questionable application is available on other websites, which provide more detailed information than the so-called official website.

The lack of precise information and the mysterious ways of distribution are the characteristics that simply do correspond with trustworthy software programs. Questionable programs should never be running on your computer, so, if you have decided to remove it from the computer, you can either terminate it manually, or have it removed for you by our recommended security tool. Below you will find our step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the removal process. If you feel not skilled enough, implement a malware and spyware prevention program to have the PUP eliminated for you.

How to remove Scanfolder Disk

  1. Go to My computer (This PC in the latest OS), open Local Disk C and go to the Program Files folder.
  2. Delete the DiskScanner folder.
  3. In Local Disk C, open the Windows folder and follow the path system32\tasks\microsoft.
  4. Delete task files named System Optimizer or Protection System.



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