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Danger level 8
Type: Keyloggers


Keylogger.MySuperSpy is a malicious keylogger program which is able to monitor as well as record every single keystroke that a person types. This program may be used by parents to monitor their kid’s internet activitiy, but also may be used by malicious online characters for malicious purposes.Keylogger.MySuperSpy is able to steal all your information and passwords, but it also hides itself very well. Due to the factor that Keylogger.MySuperSpy hides itself so well, it makes it extremely difficult to detect it on your system, as well as remove it from your system.

Keylogger.MySuperSpy may go by the following names:
• KeyloggerMySuperSpy
• Keylogger MySuperSpy
• Key.loggerMySuperSpy

Keylogger.MySuperSpy may display some of the following symptoms:
• It may feel like somebody is controlling your computer.
• Your computer may perform slower than usual.
• Files may appear and disappear.
• Things may download that you didn\'t download yourself.
• System settings may change by itself.
• Your internet connection may run slower than usual.
• You may experience computer problems with no explanation.
• Places and people may obtain your information without you giving it to them.

Keylogger.MySuperSpy unfortunately runs high risks of you becoming the next victim of identity theft as well as major cybercrimes.Keylogger.MySuperSpy may cause malicious online attackers to be able to steal all your passwords and banking information. This means that one moment everything will appear fine and the next moment you may find all your money missing from your bank account, with no explanation. The most alarming factor to acknowledge is that once Keylogger.MySuperSpy has entered your system and caused damage, the chances are that you may never be able to recover from the damage. You will never be able to get any of the money back, even when you do eventually figure out that Keylogger.MySuperSpy is the reasons for your problems.

The problem with Keylogger.MySuperSpy is that it runs the risk of sending all your personal information to other people. This means that you could become the next victim of all sorts of problems, and online crimes. If your banking details get stolen you can end up losing every single cent that you have ever worked for. Remember that with the Keylogger.MySuperSpy, all your other information from your computer can also be stolen which could result in a real computer nightmare for you. It is suggested to invest in a decent antivirus software removal tool which will be able to detect as well as automatically remove Keylogger.MySuperSpy for you.

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How to manually remove Keylogger.MySuperSpy

Files associated with Keylogger.MySuperSpy infection:


Keylogger.MySuperSpy processes to kill:


Remove Keylogger.MySuperSpy registry entries:


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