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Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application


SpecialSearchOffer might be the reason why your homepage and new tab page were suddenly replaced. This suspicious browser extension does nothing else besides altering the mentioned preferences, and since there is no information about the tool, our researchers highly doubt its reliability. Not to mention the website this application places as your start page is most likely a modified version of a well-known search engine called Yahoo. This could mean the results you receive might be altered by the add-on as they could be injected with possibly unreliable third-party advertisements. All of this suspicious behavior was the reason why SpecialSearchOffer fell under the classification of potentially unwanted programs. If it is not welcomed on your system too, we encourage you to use the deletion instructions we provide slightly below the text and get rid of this untrustworthy application at once.

Even though SpecialSearchOffer is available on Chrome Web Store through two separate links ( and we doubt this is the way most of the extension’s users receive it. If you open any of these links, you will see there is almost zero information about the add-on. All you can learn is its version, update date, size, and language. Meaning, there are no descriptions or screenshots and no End User License Agreement or Privacy Policy. Thus, we doubt any user would download such an extension without even knowing what it does and where does it come from.

Besides being distributed through Chrome Web Store, SpecialSearchOffer could travel with bundled installers of other doubtful software. Depending on the setup file, it may or may not reveal that some additional features like this potentially unwanted program could be installed along with the main application. This is why users should always read through all information and terms given on the configuration wizard. Provided, there is a possibility to get even more information, you should always choose custom or advanced installation settings instead of automatic installation. If the software you do not wish to add to the system can be deselected, you should do so, and if you notice any suspicious terms, for example, suggesting there might be other applications installed automatically, we advise canceling the process right away. To protect the computer, even more, you could keep a trustworthy antimalware tool too. For it to be able to guard the system, such software need not only to be installed but also updated whenever it is possible to do so. Otherwise, your tool might be unable to recognize newer threats.

The changes SpecialSearchOffer might make to Google Chrome should be visible the minute the extension is installed. As it was said earlier, the potentially unwanted program may switch your homepage and new tab page to a modified Yahoo search engine. As a result, Google Chrome should load each time you open the browser or create a new tab. There is no doubt the original Yahoo search engine is safe to use, but if it this add-on places a modified version instead, it is possible the gathered results could be modified before they are displayed too. In such case they might contain unreliable third-party advertisements, for example, ads leading to scam web pages, websites spreading similar threats or malware, etc. Of course, this may not necessarily happen to everyone, so the question is if you want to take any risks. It seems to us it is not only not worth it, but also completely unnecessary since you can easily get rid of the suspicious extension and use the original Yahoo search engine or any other reputable tool.

Deleting SpecialSearchOffer is rather easy because all you have to do is launch Google Chrome, go to its extensions menu and remove the potentially unwanted program from there. Users who require any assistance should have a look at the step by step deletion instructions available a little bit below this article. Additionally, we advise scanning the system with a reliable antimalware tool to check whether there might be more suspicious software installed. If the tool detects any threats it will show them in the report, so all you have to do is start a full system scan and wait till it ends. Then click the removal button to erase all identified threats at once.

Eliminate SpecialSearchOffer

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Press ALT+F and select More tools.
  3. Click Extensions and find the potentially unwanted program.
  4. Select SpecialSearchOffer and press the trash bin button located next to it.
  5. Press Remove.
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