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Danger level 8
Type: Adware


Adware.DealHelper.b is a form of Adware. The difference with this dubious application is the fact that this Adware application is also affiliated with the DealHelper product, which is a product developed to offer the computer user deals, offers, coupons and informational messages. DealHelper does this by tracking the websites visited by the user, in order to display relevant pop-up advertisements. DealHelper is located at, and should not be trusted if it has entered into a system without the knowledge or consent of the system user.

Adware.DealHelper.b is able to access entry to computers through browser security holes.

Typically, Adware.DealHelper.b comes bundled with additional advertiser supported programs, adware or spyware, accordingly, putting a strain on the Internet bandwidth associated with the infected computer.

Adware.DealHelper.b, along with most adware and spyware programs, can lead to a disruption in the processing of the computer as well as a diminished capacity for Internet browsing.
The remote server to which Adware.DealHelper.b communicates and is affiliated with then transmits advertisements specific to the web page categories visited by the system user, in an attempt to market the products of Adware.DealHelper.b’s affiliates.
Being a form of Adware, this software, Adware.DealHelper.b, was designed to promote advertisements. While adware is not always malicious, it can track a user’s Internet activity and send this and other personal information from the infected computer to various affiliated advertisers.

When advertisers get this information, the user may indeed be a target for pop-up/pop-under advertisements, web browser toolbars, and of course - spam.

In order to remove Adware.DealHelper.b manually, one should follow the steps provided below:

• Click start.
• Click on settings.
• Click control panel.
• Double click the “add/remove programs” icon in the control panel window.
• Search for the Adware.DealHelper.b program in the list of entries.
• Click on the phrase, Adware.DealHelper.b to highlight or select it.
• Click on the button that will remove it, either “add/remove” or change/remove.
• Follow the prompts that are given to remove Adware.DealHelper.b.
• Next, you will need to reboot your computer.
• Open the add/remove programs icon and check to see if Adware.DealHelper.b has been removed from the list of programs.

It is important to note that there are a few ways in which this application could have entered into a system, namely:
- The user’s operating system and Web browser security setting are too flexible and relaxed
- The user does not follow safe Internet and PC practices.
The best way to ensure whether your system has been infected is to perform a full computer system scan with a legitimate anti-spyware application.
The fact that Adware.DealHelper.b can easily enter any PC system via security exploits and flaws, most times without the user’s interaction, means that it is that much easier for Adware.DealHelper.b to enter the system and ensure the system’s security is immensely compromised.

The best way to deal with the threat of Adware.DealHelper.b is to simply remove it from the affected PC system.

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How to manually remove Adware.DealHelper.b

Files associated with Adware.DealHelper.b infection:


Adware.DealHelper.b processes to kill:


Remove Adware.DealHelper.b registry entries:


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