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Type: Potentially Unwanted Application


Sumnum is a potentially unwanted program that, as our researchers warn, was created to collect users’ data. Although it can be introduced to you as a tool that allegedly can help you stream live sports events, in reality, it has nothing to do with sports or streaming. Once this extension is installed, it immediately employs tracking cookies to start collecting information that, later on, might be shared with or even sold to advertisers and other third parties. If you think that there is some mistake and that the program is harmless, you need to read this report. If you have already researched this useless piece of software, and you only need instructions showing you how to delete it, scroll down below. Through all of this, remember that although the PUP (short for “potentially unwanted program”) does not look very harmful, its existence tells quite a few things that, once you remove Sumnum, you might have to take care of.

Yearlia Ltd. is the developer of Sumnum, and it uses to introduce users to this suspicious PUP. At the time of research, the “Add To Chrome” link represented via this page did not work, and that is because the installer on the Chrome web store has been taken down. The download link on the official website was a shortcut to the Chrome web store installer at The PUP must have received bad reviews, or it was removed due to the bad reputation that it has in the world of virtual security. One thing we have to note is that the information on the Chrome web store and the page was different. While the PUP is showcased as a beneficial tool that can help you stream sports live for free via the official page, the Chrome web store description said this: “With 'sumnum' you need to choose the right number so eventually it will get the same sun om each row and coloumn.” Aside from poor English, the description does not even mention free streaming services. That, of course, is a bad sign.

How was Sumnum introduced to you? While it is obvious that the page and the Chrome web store were used to spread this PUP, it is unlikely that you have visited any of these sources on your own or by accident. According to our research team, many users dealing with the PUP report being redirected to the installer at against their will. Obviously, if you were redirected to this installer illegally, you must understand immediately that the program is malicious. In case you were redirected to the page after interacting with a suspicious pop-up, you might be tricked into thinking that the program is beneficial and useful. Unfortunately, if you install the extension – which, at the moment, is only compatible with Google Chrome – you will reap no rewards. The add-on will immediately start tracking information using cookies, and, as the Privacy Policy reveals, private information could be collected as well. If you do not delete Sumnum right away, this information could also be shared with undisclosed parties! Furthermore, targeted advertisements could start showing up, and you should NOT interact with them under any circumstances.

Why did you install Sumnum? If you installed it for the services it promised, you need to find a better replacement because this potentially unwanted program does not work. Now that that is clear, you need to figure out a way to remove this PUP as soon as possible. It might seem easiest to delete Sumnum from Google Chrome manually, but, in this case, you also need to think about other potentially active threats. Install a legitimate malware scanner to quickly examine your operating system and check if you need to delete anything else. If you do, think if you can do that yourself. If you cannot, maybe it is time you installed an anti-malware tool? Although it works wonders when it comes to the existing threats, it is most useful when it comes to overall protection, and we are sure you are interested in that if you wish to prevent PUPs and more dangerous infections from invading your PC in the future.

Sumnum Removal

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Tap Alt+F, select More tools, and choose Extensions (or enter chrome://extensions/ into the address bar).
  3. Click the trash bin button associated with the unwanted extension.
  4. Select Remove and then restart the browser.
  5. Tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete to access the Clear browsing data menu.
  6. Choose the time, mark the appropriate boxes (e.g., cookies) and click CLEAR BROWSING DATA.
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