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Danger level 8
Type: Trojans


Trojan.FakePlus is an extremely deceptive and manipulative Trojan. This Trojan is able to actually install malicious rogue antispyware onto your machine, without your consent or knowledge. One of the most alarming factors to take into consideration with regard to Trojan.FakePlus,is that it is able to modify your systems registry keys, as well as install fake software in order to create false system notifications when you system is scanned by this rogue application. What Trojan.FakePlus does is it is actually able to install fake spyware in order to trick you into buying certain malicious rogue applications.

Trojan.FakePlus may go by the following names:
• TrojanFakePlus
• Trojan FakePlus
• TrojanFake.Plus
• TrojanFake Plus

Trojan.FakePlus may display some of the following symptoms:
• Annoying pop up messages.
• Strange system changes that you did not do.
• Security system notifications.
• A fake scan report with fake results.
• A slower than usual computer performance.
• A faulty internet connection.

Trojan.FakePlus may make it extremely hard for you to access the internet. This may be due to the factor that there are so many pop ups that it completely crashes your connection.Trojan.FakePlus is also able to come bundled with many other viruses, if this happens to you, then you will have a serious problem.Trojan.FakePlus also has the ability to actually deny you access to certain websites as well as to some of your own system resources.Trojan.FakePlus also runs risks of being able to update itself automatically without your awareness. One of the worst aspects which pertain to Trojan.FakePlus is that it may be able to repair itself which means that if you choose the manual removal process, you will experience many problems.

Once you suspect that you may have Trojan.FakePlus running on your computer, you need to remove it immediately. You have the option of the manual or the automatic removal process. It is imperative to be aware of the factor that the manual removal process is actually extremely hard to do and you run the risk of seriously damaging your computer, if you do something incorrectly. It is highly suggested to rather make use of the automatic removal method, where an antispyware removal product can do all the work for you.Trojan.FakePlus needs to get driven away as soon as it gets anywhere near your computer.

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How to manually remove Trojan.FakePlus

Files associated with Trojan.FakePlus infection:


Trojan.FakePlus DLL's to remove:


Trojan.FakePlus processes to kill:


Remove Trojan.FakePlus registry entries:

RUNNING PROGRAM\explorer.exe

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