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Danger level 6
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Hijacks homepage
  • Changes default search engine is a search engine created by Search Engage Ltd. There are quite a few other search engines that have the same interface and that were created by the same company, some of which include and All of them have a very misleading “Search” logo on the home page that has the same colors as the “Google” logo. Besides that, and the search dialog box, there is nothing else, and some users are likely to find this interface very clean and attractive. Needless to say, the looks mean nothing if the search services are unreliable, and, unfortunately, in this case, they are. After analyzing this search tool thoroughly, our research team has come to a conclusion that it is a browser hijacker that must be deleted immediately. According to our research, the hijacker only affects Google Chrome. In case it has corrupted a different kind of browser, we are ready to add appropriate removal instructions. If you need them, add a query to the comments section.

The distribution of is quite mysterious. It is believed that this hijacker comes bundled with extensions, some of which are likely to be represented via the Chrome web store. One of these extensions is Iloveplay Search, and it used to be available at The installer has been taken down since our initial research, but it is possible that other extensions are or will be used. Needless to say, you have to be extremely cautious when installing anything onto your computer. Always research the software offered to you using reputable sources. Also, always check the privacy policies to see if or not the software is reliable. If you are being pushed to install something you do not what or make the changes you do not want when downloading attractive software, reject it right away. Since undesirable software might be running along with, we recommend scanning the PC to check if you need to delete malicious threats.

The search tool offered by is suspicious. As you enter keywords, you are automatically routed to the search engine. It belongs to Zone Media Ltd., and it looks like it can show a bunch of advertisements. Since these ads appear to be related to your searches, you are more likely to interact with them, but we have to warn you that unreliable, misleading links could be slipped in as well, and so interacting with the search results delivered via could be dangerous. As the Privacy Policy informs, Search Engage Ltd. allows advertising companies and ad networks to showcase ads, as well as place data-trackers. The parties associated with the developer of the hijacker are unknown, and so trusting them is not recommended. After all, if they have malicious intentions – for example, to scam you or open security backdoors – every time you interact with their ads, and every time data-trackers record information, you might be at risk. Due to this, once you remove the hijacker, you also should clear the cache, delete the cookies, erase the browsing history, and get rid of any other traces of the hijacker.

Changing the homepage on your Google Chrome browser is not a complicated task, but we cannot guarantee that it will be enough to modify the homepage to have deleted completely. If this hijacker is associated with an extension, it is possible that you will need to get rid of it first. Also, if other infections are active, you must erase them as well. If you are about to follow the instructions below, consider if installing anti-malware software is not a better idea. Even if you can get rid of the unwanted hijacker and software related to it manually, are you sure you can keep your operating system guarded in the future? Remember that clandestine Trojans, aggressive ransomware, misleading rogues, and all kinds of other infections could be trying to slither into your operating system. Identifying and stopping them yourself can be extremely difficult, but a legitimate anti-malware tool will keep these infections away. Removal

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Enter chrome://extensions/ into the address bar.
  3. In the Extensions menu, click the recycle bin next to the unwanted add-on and select Remove.
  4. Tap Alt+F again and click Settings.
  5. Scroll to the On Startup menu.
  6. Mark Open a specific page or set of pages.
  7. Click the More actions button linked to the hijacker and select Remove.
  8. Now, tab Ctrl+Shift+Delete for the Clear browsing data menu.
  9. Select the time range and the data you want to delete and click Clear browsing data.
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