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Cookies On-off

Cookies On-off is a browser plug-in for Google Chrome that we think is unreliable as it can be used to show ads, collect sensitive information about you and share it with unknown third-parties. Therefore, you might want to remove it from your PC entirely. This program is not malicious per se, but you need to consider the implications that can arise as a result of keeping it on your PC. While This extension can enable and disable cookies on your web browser, we think that getting rid of it is a small price to pay to ensure your PC is safe and secure because there is no telling what kind of ads it might show you.

Let us discuss this program’s origins first. We have found that this program comes from an unknown, shady developer that has managed to get Cookies On-off featured on the Chrome Web Store. The information provided on the store indicates that this browser plug-in has more than 1,200 users across the globe which is not much at all. Furthermore, this program is featured on its very own dedicated promotional distribution website at Cookies-control.com. As mentioned, this program is compatible with Google Chrome only, so you cannot get its installer for any other browser from this website. Now let us take a look at how this extension works.

To be fair, Cookies On-off delivers on its claim as it can disable and enable cookies with a click of a button. Apparently, this program works on a per host basis as it disables cookies for one domain only. How well it works remains to be seen, but our initial impression was that it simply works. However, we are concerned with the fact that it can collect information about you. According to its privacy policy, this browser extension can collect statistical data such as your IP address, operating system type, browser type, language preference, and so on.

It is not incidental that it collects this information while it must be noted that collecting it is legal. Still, Cookies-control.com can obtain the aforementioned information and share it with third-parties. According to its privacy policy, “"We also use third party advertisements on cookies-control.com to support our site.” The advertisers are unknown, and the content that they promote is a total mystery. Its privacy policy states that those third parties can use cookies and web beacons to send information such as your IP address, Internet Service Provider (ISP,) browser type, and so on. Ironically, Cookies On-off is used to prevent information collection via browser cookies that its website was designed to use. The collected information is used for geotargeting purposes, to show ads based on the region a user is in or show ads based on the websites previously visited.

Generally speaking, Cookies On-off is a useless information if you do not mind certain websites collecting information about you. Still, you can disable browser cookies for Chrome from its settings menu, so there is no need for this program. However, the fact that its website can collect information about you and use it for advertising purposes is troubling as the ads are rather unreliable. While this program and website are not the same things, you might not want to visit its main website and should consider removing Cookies On-off. If you do not want to have this browser plug-in, please see the guide below on how to get rid of it.

Removal Guide

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Select More tools.
  4. Click Extensions.
  5. Find Cookies Control.
  6. Click the Remove button.
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