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If you got Photor to customize your browser’s background image, then you should know that it is regarded as a potentially unwanted program by many cyber security experts because it not only changes the background image, but the homepage address as well. Furthermore, it can collect anonymous information about that we think is sued for tailoring ads as we have received information on this program promoting certain content. For more information on this browser hijacker, please see the guide presented below.

Photor was published by Photor LTD, an alleged company of the same name. However, we were unable to find any additional information about this company, so we think that the company name is fake and this program was created by an unknown developer or a group of developers. This program is unlike anything we have seen before, so we do not think that it has any clones. Now, let us discuss how this application is distributed.

Photor is compatible with Google Chrome only and you can get this browser extension from the Chrome Web Store which says that this extension has more than 5,000 users (at the time of this article.) You can also download it from its dedicated website at Photorext.net. Both distribution channels used are completely legitimate, so it is not like this program’s developers use deception to have installed on your PC. However, we have classified as a potentially unwanted program because of something else.

We have found that Photor may replace your browser’s homepage address and new tab page without your knowledge or consent when you install it. Officially, this application is all about making your browsing experience a bit more pleasant by changing the background image of the homepage every six hours. While the images may be stunning, you may not notice the promotional links and ads featured in the search results of the new search engine. We have found that that search engine redirects all entered search queries to a modified Yahoo search engine that is can show you promotional links among the regular search results. These links can come from several unknown sources and you should be wary of the fact that some of them can redirect you to infected or unreliable websites that can compromise your computer’s security. Some websites might try to extract personal information from you such as your online banking credentials.

We are also convinced that this program is bound to collect some information about you automatically. This program’s featured search engine might have been configured to gather information such as your IP address, Internet Service Provider, search queries, browsing history, operating system type, and so on. We believe that this program processes this information to subject you to more relevant, personalized ads that bring in more advertising revenue. However, since the ads and promotional links come from unknown sources, we recommend not allowing Photor to remain on your PC.

In closing, Photor is potentially unwanted program because it might replace your browser’s homepage with its featured search engine without your knowledge. The shady search engine can feature promotional links that can redirect you to unknown and possibly malicious sites. Therefore, we recommend that you remove this program. You can uninstall it form the Control Panel. Please see the guide below for more information.

How to remove this browser extension

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Simultaneously press Alt+F.
  3. Click Settings and select Extensions.
  4. Locate Photor.
  5. Click the Remove button.
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