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System Health Checker

In this text, we would like to discuss a rather suspicious browser extension called System Health Checker. We believe users could download the application accidentally through bundled software installers. It is doubtful security-minded users would allow such add-on to enter their system when there is no information how it works or where does it come from. The only description System Health Checker has is one single sentence, which suggests the tool is to monitor system’s health. However, our researchers who tested the extension say they did not notice the program doing anything that could help protect the computer. Without knowing what this add-on does, leaving it unattended might be highly dangerous because it could act undesirably. Therefore, we advise you to erase it as quickly as possible. Since we cannot say it is harmful, the application was categorized as a potentially unwanted program. You can learn even more details about it if you continue reading our report.

At the moment, System Health Checker is targeted at Google Chrome users, so it should not work on any other browser. To our knowledge it was being distributed through Chrome Web Store; the add-on was available via chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/system-health-monitor/mbmpjhclgodpjgbjhlnknfjdnjkijokf?hl=en link, but since the provided link no longer works it is most likely that Google’s team decided not to distribute this potentially unwanted program any further and removed it from their website.

Nonetheless, System Health Checker still has an official web page available on systemhealthchecker.com. This site is rather unusual as it does not give any information about the software either. It only shows a pop-up message saying “Add Extension To Leave.” Such tone might suggest the user cannot leave the website without adding the plugin to his browser. Actually, you can do so if you simply exit the browser or close the tab with systemhealthchecker.com, because the Cancel button on the pop-up does not seem to work.

The description that was provided in the Chrome Store can still be seen next to the add-on if you open the browser’s extensions manager; it says: “Monitor your system health and prevent before too late.” It does sound like good advice for any user, but it certainly does not explain the plugin’s working manner. It would help the situation if the tool had End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy documents, but they were not available on Chrome Web Store, and you cannot find them on the application’s official website.

Consequently, it is difficult to say what System Health Checker might do. Like most of the browser extensions it may gather some data, but without the Privacy Policy statements, we cannot say what kind of information it might be. In the worst case scenario, there is a chance the potentially unwanted program could try to steal your private or sensitive data. The application could act in other undesirable ways too, e.g. it might download other suspicious tools, show you questionable advertising content, and so on.

Lastly, it is important to know that this potentially unwanted program can change the way your browser works. Apparently, it might modify some of the browsing application’s buttons. To be more precise, our researchers noticed it could stop the user from accessing the extensions menu. Instead, the user gets redirected back to his homepage. Clearly, the threat does it so you would be unable to remove it.

All things considered, it seems to us System Health Checker is a completely useless tool as it does nothing to help you protect the system or improve the browsing quality. On the contrary, its presence can make it difficult to manage your extensions, and it might endanger the system or your privacy. We believe these reasons are quite enough to explain why it would be best to erase this potentially unwanted program. If you wish to do so manually, we invite you to follow the instructions located at the end of the text. For users who prefer automatic tools, we advise installing reliable antimalware software.

Remove System Health Checker from the system

  1. Press Win+E.
  2. Navigate to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions or %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions if you have Windows XP.
  3. Find a folder titled as mbmpjhclgodpjgbjhlnknfjdnjkijokf, right-click it and select Delete.
  4. Close the Explorer.
  5. Empty Recycle bin.

Erase System Health Checker from Google Chrome

  1. Restart your browser.
  2. Press ALT+F, choose Settings and click on More tools.
  3. Go to Extensions, select System Health Checker.
  4. Then press the trash bin button next to it.
  5. Click Remove.
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