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Although NoterSave is meant to improve your productivity, this application does not deserve your trust. When you install it onto your computer, you are provided with a tool that is meant to help you make notes. This service is not extremely beneficial – considering that there are far more complex and valuable tools available – but it is not dangerous. Of course, that is not why we classify it as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). The application deserves this classification because, in some cases, it installs adware components without the user’s notice. Have you encountered suspicious advertisements after installing this application? Hopefully, you have not interacted with it because that could be very dangerous. All in all, even if you enjoy the service provided to you by the PUP, we strongly recommend deleting it as soon as you possibly can. If you need help removing NoterSave, or you want to learn more about this strange application before you get rid of it, you should read this report.

According to the Privacy Policy represented at notersave.com/Privacy.html, the creator of NoterSave is U-Teck Soft LLC. It is not a company we have encountered before. The official website set up by this company showcases the potentially unwanted program in a highly positive light, which is to be expected. Needless to say, there is no information about adware being installed along with the PUP. Although the Privacy Policy informs that allegedly relevant advertisements can be displayed and that third-party advertisers are involved, you are not informed about any additional software. In fact, it is possible that you are not familiar with the official website at all because the installer represented via it does not work. It is more likely that you have downloaded the PUP via a third-party installer that might have promoted other suspicious programs along with it. If NoterSave is running along with other infections, you have to analyze and delete them right away, especially if they are more dangerous than the PUP itself.

As we mentioned previously, advertisements should pop up if adware was installed along with the suspicious NoterSave. These advertisements could be represented in new tabs and windows, and ignoring them can be very hard. Obviously, you cannot ignore these ads, but interacting with them is even worse. We do not know what kinds of parties could show their offers via these NoterSave-related ads, and so they are unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Needless to say, it is unlikely that legitimate and well-meaning parties would be associated with adware that is installed illegally. According to our research, the components of adware should be found in folders located in either %PROGRAMFILES% or %APPDATA% directory. The names of these folders are random, and it should not be hard for you to spot them. If you do, you must remove them without further hesitation. While you can delete the components of adware alone, you should also consider eliminating the PUP. After all, it is not that useful, and its association with clandestine adware is pretty unnerving. If you do not trust our judgment, note that even reputable browsers (e.g., Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) are identifying the installer of NoterSave as a threat.

You can delete NoterSave by uninstalling it, but this will not help you get rid of adware. The instructions below reveal how to erase the PUP and adware manually, and we are sure that you can follow the steps even if you lack experience. Of course, there is one other option, and that is employing anti-malware software. It should come as no surprise that our research team is advising the installation of this software, and there are several reasons for that. First of all, it can erase all infections at once, and we have already discussed that the PUP is likely to be downloaded along with adware and other potentially malicious programs. Also, you have to think about your system’s protection, which is something legitimate anti-malware software can also take care of. If you choose manual removal, remember that your operating system is vulnerable, and other clandestine threats could slither in at any moment.

NoterSave Removal

  1. Launch RUN by tapping keys Win+R.
  2. Type regedit.exe into the Open box and click OK.
  3. Move to HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\.
  4. Delete the key named NoterSave_is1.
  5. Move to HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  6. Delete the value associated with the PUP (the name is random, such as 6W58SD7KWTSJUBG).
  7. Launch Explorer by tapping keys Win+E.
  8. Enter %PROGRAMFILES(x86)% or %PROGRAMFILES% (depending on Windows) into the bar at the top.
  9. Delete the folder named NoterSave.
  10. Enter %PROGRAMFILES% or %APPDATA% (one of two possible locations) into the bar at the top.
  11. Delete the folder representing the .exe and .config components of adware (the name is random).
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