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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans


Trojan.Monagrey is a malicious Trojan that will cause you all sorts of problems which you are much better off without.Trojan.Monagrey is very sneaky and will make use of certain social engineering tricks in order to infect computers with a false message, so that people will buy the full version.Trojan.Monagrey will present you with a very terrifying message that your computer has a threat which is called: MonaRonaDona virus. If you see the name MonaRonaDona virus, then this should be a clear sign to you to get away.

Trojan.Monagrey may go by the following names:
• Monagre
• MonaRona.A
• Trojan:W32/MonaGray.A
• Trojan Monagrey
• Trojan Monagrey
• MonagreyTrojan
• Monagrey.Trojan
• Monagrey Trojan

Trojan.Monagrey may have some of the following symptoms:
• You may get security system notifications.
• Your computer may do a false scan.
• You will get told to buy a full version.
• Your computer may become unstable.
• You will see the words:\"MonaRonaDona\"
• Your search results will be hijacked.
• Your web browser may get redirected.

Trojan.Monagrey is very dangerous and is able to modify all your search results in order to get you to land on the page that it wants you to be on. It is able to completely compromise what the search engines results look like and is able to make the malicious website appear as one of the top ten. You need to remember to not download, install or buy anything remotely related to Trojan.Monagrey.You also need to watch out for any warning messages which tells you that your computer has a virus.

Beware of the following warning message:\"Hi, My name is MonaRonaDona. I am a Virus & I am here to Wreck Your PC. If you observe strange behaviour with your PC, like program windows disappearing etc, it\'s me who is doing all this. I was created as a protest against the Human Rights Violation being observed throughout the world & the very purpose of my existence is to remind & stress the world to respect humanity.\"

If you suspect that your computer may be infected with Trojan.Monagrey, it is imperative that you get rid of it as soon as possible. It is not a good idea to try and remove it with the use of the manual removal process, due to the factor that the manual removal process, may seriously damage your computer even further. It is suggested that you make use of a decent protection product that is able to detect as well as automatically remove Trojan.Monagrey for you.

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How to manually remove Trojan.Monagrey

Files associated with Trojan.Monagrey infection:


Trojan.Monagrey processes to kill:


Remove Trojan.Monagrey registry entries:


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