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Search Safe for Chrome

These days, there are many programs that await you when you decide to go online and get an application you need. Often, software is bundled, and additional software is installed secretly. This can also be the case with Search Safe for Chrome, a browser extension for Google Chrome that is distributed using software bundles, a dedicated website, and the Chrome Web Store. If you get this program on to your PC, do not expect it to do anything useful because its officially stated mission is to enhance your privacy which it does not do. And, therefore, you should consider removing it. We think that it must have been meant to generate advertising revenue as it is set to replace your browser’s search provider with its custom search engine.

Search Safe for Chrome has its very own dedicated promotional and distributional website at Srchsafe.com. This website states that this particular extension can enhance your privacy. All you have to do is type “safe” in the address box of the browser and press the TAB button. Then, your privacy will be enhanced, or so it is claimed. The truth of the matter is this program was designed to carry a search engine that is set to replace your default search provider. Thus, when you enter a search query, it will be processed through the search engine, and you will be presented with search results. While this looks innocent, we want to warn you that this search engine might have been configured to feature promotion links among its regular search results. These links can redirect you to questionable sites that may feature malware downloads such as spyware, ransomware or even something as plain as adware. In any case, you should avoid such malicious application and to minimize the risk, we recommend that you get rid of Search Safe for Chrome and its search engine.

Interestingly, this browser extension is said to work on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. However, the version for Firefox does not work. Nevertheless, it might do so in the near future. It is rather obvious that the developers of this extension are in the software developing business for all the wrong reasons. Their software is worthless and even worse is the fact that it can enter your PC without your knowledge or approval. Our research has revealed that Search Safe for Chrome is distributed on its main distribution website at Srchsafe.com. Moreover, it is even featured on the Chrome Web Store. According to this store, there are close to 140, 000 at the time of this article. It appears that there are so many users because of the successful marketing and distribution campaign. We have also found that Search Safe for Chrome is distributed with third-party software installers that can install this extension on your PC automatically. The installers themselves are typically hosted on freeware distributing sites, so you should keep an eye out for unreliable ones.

While Search Safe for Chrome is no malicious per se, there is a possibility that it can promote unreliable content. Furthermore, it is just plain deceiving because it offers you to enhance your privacy, but all it does is it changes the search provider address to a search engine that can feature promotional links of unverified legitimacy. Therefore, we suggest that you remove this program from your PC altogether. To delete it from Chrome, you can make use of the guide provided below this article.

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Open More tools and select Extensions.
  4. Find Search Safe for Chrome.
  5. Click the Remove button.
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