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Google Chrome users need to be very cautious about an extension called Combotab. This extension was created to introduce users to, which is identified as a potentially unreliable search engine. This engine can record information, as well as display potentially unreliable advertisements created by unknown parties. Although it is not the most dangerous piece of software, our research team classifies it as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). If you do not understand why, you should continue reading this report, and you will find answers to all questions that you may be interested in. If you believe you already know enough to realize that this PUP should be deleted right away, scroll to the bottom to find instructions. If cannot find answers to your questions regarding the removal of Combotab, start a discussion in the comments section.

It is most likely that you have been tricked into installing Combotab. Some victims share stories of being tricked into letting this PUP in when downloading fake files from unreliable sites. According to our analysis, the installer of this strange application might also be introduced via misleading pop-ups that might block websites and stop you from closing them. Also, this extension could be packaged along with third-party software carried by unfamiliar, potentially malicious software distributors. The add-on is also available at the Chrome web store, where it is represented by the name “Combotab – Useful New Tab.” The reviews for this extension are terrible, and so it is unlikely that anyone will install it directly from the Chrome web store. If this is how you installed it, you must have been informed that the add-on can record your email address, change your bookmarks, as well as read and modify data on the sites you visit. Needless to say, these are red flags.

If you have let Combotab in, it is unlikely that you have reviewed the Privacy Policy. This statement reveals that the extension can showcase the advertisements of third parties. It is also stated that e-mails could be sent by third-party service providers. Needless to say, these are not desirable “benefits.” Although the extension is promoted as a tool that can enhance web browsing for you, in reality, it appears that it was created only as an advertising tool. If you have not reviewed the Privacy Policy, you can access it via Move to the top-right corner and click the icon that represents “Weather Settings.” You are provided with access to the statement via this menu. Speaking of the interface of the suspicious search tool, it does not look menacing, and that is why some users choose to ignore it, especially if it only takes over the New Tab that can be kept out of sight.

Combotab tries to hide behind Google services. The home page of showcase links to many Google services, such as Gmail, Drive, Translate, Maps, etc. Besides that, it also displays quick-access links to,,,,,,, and These websites are very popular amongst users, and some might find that the PUP is enabling easier access to them. Of course, that is just a trick to make you trust the add-on. If you do, you are likely to enter search keywords into the “Search web” dialog box. You are routed to Google Search if you use this search tool, and that is not a good thing. The PUP is most likely to route you to Google Search to make you trust the search results shown, and these are likely to include sponsored links.

Removing extensions from Google Chrome is not a complicated task, and so we are sure that you can delete Combotab manually. That being said, we do not think that manual removal is the best option you have. First of all, by eliminating the unwanted extension, you do not erase the tracking cookies that might be spying on you or the third-party malware that might be active. Second, you do not guarantee virtual security by eliminating malware and PUPs. Once you clean your operating system, you need to employ security software to reliably guard it against the invasion of other threats in the future.

Combotab Removal

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Tap Alt+F keys.
  3. In the menu on the left click More tools.
  4. Select Extension and find Combotab.
  5. Click the recycle bin next to it.
  6. Select Remove.
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