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Danger level 8
Type: Adware

Other mutations known as:


PCK.ExeCryptor will be the cause of complete chaos for anybody who has any encounters with this malicious parasite.PCK.ExeCryptor may also be called any of the following names:PCKExeCryptor,ExeCryptor.PCK,PCK,EXe.Cryptor as well asExeCryptor.No matter what name it goes under the problems are all exactly the same and once your computer has been infected with the malicious PCK.ExeCryptor,the damage has been done and will continue at an alarming rate.PCK.ExeCryptor may also be associated with any of the following file names:PRNET.TMP,43075513.EXE,PRNET.BAK.TMP,Unclassified Threat as well as Trojan.Virtumonde.

PCK.ExeCryptor has the following symptoms:
• You may experience many browser pop ups.
• A registry key may be added to the auto start programs.
• It may resist all interaction with computer security products.
• Processes may be executed with no explainable explanation.
• Strange things may happen with regard to your computer security applications.
• The performance of your computer will be slow and unstable.
• Internet connections may appear that weren\'t there.
• Ports in your system may start opening.

One of the most alarming aspects with regard to this malicious PCK.ExeCryptor is that it may spread very easily and self replicate.PCK.ExeCryptor will create, delete, copy as well as move a combination of files and folders from your machine. This means that files may start appearing or disappearing with no sound explanation. This is not all that will happen; you computers internet connection may start to seem like it is going mad, with no reason for this at all. Ports may start opening by themselves and internet connections may be established with servers which may be completely unfamiliar to you. You may also experience vast amounts of annoying pop ups that just won\'t seem to go away no matter what you do or try.

The question that may be asked is: How do you remove PCK.ExeCryptor from your computer? In order to remove PCK.ExeCryptor from your computer you need to first detect it. If you are unable to navigate your system files and folders accurately then it is suggested that you get a program that may detect it for you. Even if you need to pay a small amount, just make sure that you are using a reputable and authentic antispyware removal product that is up to date. You could then run a scan with your detection tool that you have and once it has located PCK.ExeCryptor for you, it will give you the option of removal. Do not buy anything additional; your product should automatically be able to remove it for you.

PCK.ExeCryptor is not something that you want to try and removal manually due to the factor that it is extremely difficult and you run the risk of damaging your machine, if you do something incorrectly. It is suggested to make use of the automatic removal process, with a decent application tool that does it all for you. At the end of the day PCK.ExeCryptor is something that needs to get removed as soon as it is detected. In order to prevent any further negative ramifications, it needs to go away fast. It is better not to mess around with files, folders and registry keys unless you have

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How to manually remove PCK.ExeCryptor

Files associated with PCK.ExeCryptor infection:


Remove PCK.ExeCryptor registry entries:



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