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Danger level 8
Type: Adware


Malware.BHO.Fam is NOT to be trusted. The latest in dubious programs is this adware application, Malware.BHO.Fam, which was designed to deliver a variety of advertisements, affiliated with the adware, so as to ensure the optimal advertising of the products associated with Malware.BHO.Fam.

What makes this application an unwanted program is the fact that Malware.BHO.Fam displays pop-up advertisements, which is definitely not a wanted feature for any computer user.

Being a form of a malicious Trojan infection, Malware.BHO.Fam will only present a security risk to any computer is has infiltrated.

Malware.BHO.Fam is a potentially unwanted adware program that could be used to display various pop-up advertisements. Malware.BHO.Fam is also used by its creators to collect various information on the users surfing habits, this invading the users privacy.

According to a few sources, Malware.BHO.Fam has been found to perform the following functions:

• Downloads/requests other files from Internet.
• Creates a startup registry entry.
• Registers a 32-bit in-process server DLL.
• Registers a Browser Helper Object (Microsoft\'s Internet Explorer plug-in module).
• Contains characteristics of an identified security risk

Malware.BHO.Fam may also load up with Internet Explorer, as a Bowser Helper Object (BHO). This means that Malware.BHO.Fam is a dynamic link library (DLL) that tends to run as soon as Internet Explorer is started.

BHO’s are usually installed covertly onto an unsuspecting computer system, so as to ensure the secretive gathering of information from the infected computer to a remote controller.

There are a few ways this application could have entered into a system, namely:
- The user’s operating system and Web browser security setting are too flexible and relaxed
- The user does not follow safe Internet and PC practices.

There are a few symptoms affiliated with the Malware.BHO.Fam infection, which are usually tell-tale signs of an infection:

1. PC is working slowly
2. New desktop shortcuts are displayed on the system
3. Annoying pop-up messages (in some cases) keep appearing on the PC
4. E-mails are being sent from your email address without your consent.

A computer system infected with Malware.BHO.Fam may tend to display the following warning signs:
• Corrupt files re-opens after been erased
• Modified browser start page, search page and error page
• Missing registry files
• Unknown programs show up in the process list
• Annoying Pop-Up Advertisement
• Changes in Internet Settings
• Unwanted Web Browser Components
• Decreased System Speeds

Should your system be experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms, chances are Malware.BHO.Fam present.

As with many of these type malware applications, there are a few vulnerabilities these type applications target:
1. P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Networks
2. Freeware and Shareware
3. Malicious Websites

In order to prevent malware from infiltrating your system, there are a number of steps one can take, which include the following:
1. Install a comprehensive anti-spyware product
2. Update your anti-spyware software definitions
3. Perform Windows security updates
4. Scan your system regularly for spyware

The best way to ensure whether your system has been infected is to perform a full computer system scan with a legitimate anti-spyware application.
The fact that Malware.BHO.Fam can easily enter any PC system via security exploits and flaws, most times without the user’s interaction, means that it is that much easier for Malware.BHO.Fam to enter the system and ensure the system’s security is immensely compromised.

The best way to deal with the threat of Malware.BHO.Fam is to simply remove it from the affected PC system.

Although manual removal may be the best way to delete this parasite, and all its affiliates, the manual removal process is rather complicated and cumbersome, and should not be attempted by a computer novice, as one needs to be able to navigate their way around the registry files of the infected system.

I would recommend that in order to avoid any unneeded risks of damage to your computer system, it is highly recommended to make use of a reliable and legitimate anti-spyware application, so as to remove Malware.BHO.Fam and all its components from the infected computer system.

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How to manually remove Malware.BHO.Fam

Files associated with Malware.BHO.Fam infection:

Malware.BHO.Fam DLL's to remove:

Remove Malware.BHO.Fam registry entries:


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