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What enhancements come with the Windows 10 Creators Update?

In April 11, 2017, Microsoft rolled out its latest update titled Windows 10 Creator Update, but that does not mean that every operating the system gets updated straight away. The process of shifting to the latest version, officially known as version 1703 (OS Build 15063.138), is going to be slow and steady, especially for those who use Windows' automatic update feature.

After paying $10,000 USD to an unsatisfied Windows client who sued Microsoft for an unauthorized upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft does not want to cause any more harm, hence this measured introduction of the latest update.

Windows is advertising the Windows 10 Creator Update inside the settings screen under the Update history section. After clicking the "Yes, show me how" button, you are not likely to start the update download, but your interest will probably be registered with Microsoft. Microsoft also announced that when the machine becomes eligible for the Windows 10 Creator Update, a prompt window asking to make some changes in the privacy settings is displayed. Microsoft does not urge their clients to install the update manually as the company attempts to work out the best results related to a specific hardware configuration. This stage-based roll out of the Creator Update has also to do with the potential server overload.

Microsoft puts emphasis on creativity, and offers a range of improvements, but there is another reason this update has been long-awaited. Even though the update is quite small, it is regarded as a major update as the previous one, branded Anniversary update, had quite a few bugs.

The Windows 10 Creator Update arrives with the completely new Paint app renamed Paint in 3D, tweaks in Microsoft Edge, added features for gamers, improvements across built-in applications and security settings, a new mini view feature, and Skype update. These changes are considered basic, but there are some other secondary changes, for example, smarter settings layout, which have been enhanced for a better user's experience.

The Paint application is one of the most loved ones, and it has been transformed into a tool allowing the user to make 3D objects using a mouse or a surface pen. There is no need to be excellent in drawing as the new application offers pre-designed objects and shapes that can be resized and changed according to the user. With the Windows 10 Creators Update, users can share their masterpieces with an online community at Remix3D.com. The user can download a 3D object from this platform and modify it, changing the color or texture. This online community is great for school and other projects when the user is in search for new ideas.

Microsoft Edge has been also tweaked by making it faster. When on-the-go, the browser offers longer video streaming and a better browsing experience in general. Due to the latest update, users can start a new search without losing their opened tabs. The user does not need to save tabs to have them retrieved later. A new button allowing setting those tabs aside has been added, making all the browsing experience a lot better. All the tabs swept aside can be fetched at the browser, and thumbnails of those websites can be viewed. Moreover, the new Microsoft Edge enables the user to see all the pages of the tabs opened at once so that the page content can be compared. This is done in the tab preview bar, which appears above the URL address bar when necessary.

Additionally, the Windows 10 Creators Update brings users access to books, games, apps, movies, and music in the Windows Store. The major change is that the book category has been added, allowing users to browse for bestsellers. Books downloaded can be read with Microsoft Edge, which offers functionality typical to e-book readers. For example, the book reader integrated into Microsoft Edge enables the user to personalize settings by changing layouts, sizes, and themes. Moreover, Cornata integration enables to pull information about a word selected during the reading session.

Microsoft has also paid a lot of attention to video gamers. It is evident that this OS builder wants to rule the market, including the market of video game consoles, as Windows 10 is now programmed to enhance PC performance to provide better gaming experience. More system resources are dedicated to the game, and this can be achieved with the Game Mode turned on. Pressing Win+G brings Game Mode (also available through Settings > Gaming).The user can turn this mode on and take advantage of some other tweaks such as game broadcasting.

Built-in applications, including Windows Photo, Windows Maps, and Groove Music, have been improved to help the user customize pictures, make notes on maps, and have music accessible on multiple devices. First, with Windows Ink, the user can draw on pictures, make the text fade in and out, and add filters. With the Maps app, Windows Ink can be used to create routes, mark directions, measure distance, and leave notes. For example, a digital ruler can be used to draw straight lines on the map. As for the Groove application, music can be loaded from the computer to OneDrive and then played and organized for different devices, including Android, Xbox, iOS, and Sonos.

The mini view feature may seem a minor detail, but it allows keeping an ever-present small window on top of your major activity. This feature comes in handy when carrying a Skype conversation, watching a TV show, or working on anything else.

When it comes to security, Microsoft seeks to help their customers have everything provided comprehensively; hence, the new Windows Defender Security Center dashboard: a single display for multiple security-related areas, including network, firewall protections, security control for browsers, etc.

Along with these enhancements, the Windows 10 Creators Update offers its customers an advanced version of Skype, featuring mini view, SMS relay for Windows Phone, and some other tweaks enabling everyone to get closer together. The Anniversary Update offered Skype as Preview mode, but now Skype is a fully integrated part of the Windows OS.

The features discussed are the most noticeable, but there are some other changes within the operating system. For example, Microsoft has addressed the issue of adding and disabling Bluetooth devices. Instead of digging deep into the settings to manage additional devices, the user can find everything under the "Bluetooth & Other devices" page in Settings. Another enhancement is automatic file removal, which deals with unused temporary files and files in the Recycle bin stored for over 30 days.

Moreover, the Windows 10 Creators update also offers smaller sliders for brightness and volume, and changes the location of the screen resolution settings. The resolution drop-down is now placed under the Display section, which is accessible through Settings.

Update notifications have also been nerve-racking to many computer users. With the update on the PC, Windows will display a large notification carrying three options, Restart now, Pick a time, and Snooze, when an update is ready to install. There is no way around it–one has to be chosen. The Snooze button pauses the update for three days, and Windows allows the user to press this button as many times as necessary.

The fact that the output of blue light when using computer have an impact on people's sleep has been taken into consideration. In the update, it is possible to lower the blue light of the PC, which means switching to warmer colors.

These and other tweaks have been made to make the Windows OS more appealing. Let's try these changes and wait for what comes next.

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