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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Slow Computer
  • System crashes
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel

Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware

Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware can infiltrate your computer without your knowledge and cipher your most important files in a short time making them inaccessible and unusable. Obviously, the reason behind such a vicious attack is to extort money from you in exchange for your files. Our research shows that this ransomware mostly targets Portuguese speaking countries, such as Brazil and Portugal. Although we cannot call the ransom fee high at all, we do not advise you to pay up. In fact, transferring money to or making contact with cyber criminals is never a good idea. It can be quite risky, not to mention the fact that you would support cyber crime by paying up. It is possible that you would get nothing in return for your money or even if you did, it could be a potentially more harmful threat disguised as your decryption tool. While most of the ransomware cases end with huge devastation and victims losing their files, in this case, you may get lucky. As a matter of fact, it is possible that you can remove Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware and also recover your files. Let us tell you about the details.

Similarly to most of its predecessors, this ransomware also has been found spreading via spamming campaigns. Cyber criminals can deceive unsuspecting computer users with their legitimate-looking spam e-mails because these seem to come from companies and authorities that you would not possibly doubt or question. Even more so that such a spam can pretend to be about an unsettled invoice or fine, alleged suspicious activities on your bank accounts, and the like. It is hard to imagine that someone would not be interested to see what this mail is really about. But when you open it, you would not find satisfaction since the body of such a spam would simply direct you to open the attached file. This attachment can pose as an image, a video, or a document file. Usually, this file keeps its .exe extension since it is indeed an executable file; however, it may pretend to be a .jpg, .bmp, .avi, .docm, or even .zip with the proper icons for these file types. No wonder that such a disguised attachment can trick the victims. The problem is that by the time you get to the point when you can delete Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware from your computer, your files will be encrypted. Keep in mind that removing a ransomware infection does not recover your files automatically. Nevertheless, in this case, we can help you with that, too.

It is essential that we also mention that you may infect your computer with this ransomware after clicking on infected links. This can happen when you are viewing a suspicious websites, including file-sharing (shareware and torrent), online gaming, gambling, and porn-related pages. These sites are also filled with harmful third-party ads, which can also cause such infections or even bundled ones if you engage with them. Crooks may also set up trap pages using Exploit Kits (e.g., Angler) that you load and trigger the drop without even clicking anywhere or engaging otherwise with this malicious page. This is a dangerous way to get infected because you definitely will not realize this happening, while receiving a spam can still give you a chance if you do not open it.

This ransomware infection modifies all the targeted file names on your hard drive or even the "D:" drive if there is any by adding ".jeepers" extensions. In this attack you could lose all your images, videos, music files, and documents as all of them will be encrypted. Upon finishing the encryption process this infection displays a system pop-up window telling you about the success of the encryption. When you click OK, the ransom note window appears, which contains further information about this malicious attack and how you can get out of it. You are told to send an e-mail to jeeperscrypt@protonmail.com to get additional payment information apart from what this note already tells you, i.e., that you have to pay 0.02 Bitcoins (around $26). Thanks to malware research though we can share with you the decryption code that should work for this present version: "Y29uaGVjaW1lbnRvIG5hbyBlIGNyaW1lIGNyaW1lIHNlciBidXJybyBlIGJhaXhhciBxdWFscXVlciBtZXJkYSBuYSBpbnRlcm5ldCBhY2hhbmRvIHF1ZSB2YWkgc2UgDQpkYXIgYmVtIGlzc28gZSBwcmEgdm9jZXMgYXByZW5kZXIgYSBuYW8gYmFpeGFyIG1haXMgbWVyZGEgbmEgaW50ZXJuZXQgc2V1cyBvdGFyaW9z". Copy this code and paste it in the box at the bottom of this ransom note window. Then, click on the "Desencriptar" button and your files should start unlocking one by one. After this is finished, you should check whether all the important files are decrypted because we have found that there might be a few files that are left encrypted. If this should happen to you, too, we suggest that you use the free decryption tool called "StupidDecrypter" that is already available on the web to finish this process. Once you get your files back, you can easily remove Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware from your computer.

If you are lucky enough to be able to unlock your files, there is not much else left to make your PC secure again. Well, of course, you need to be able to identify the malicious file you downloaded from the spam or any other way and all related files that may have been created on your system. If you want to manually go against this dangerous threat, we suggest that you use our guide below this article. But, if you are looking for a more effective way to also protect your PC automatically from malware infections, we advise you to find and install a trustworthy malware removal security tool like SpyHunter.

Remove Kill Jeeperscrypt Ransomware from Windows

  1. Tap Win+E to open File Explorer.
  2. Search your hard drives for any suspicious .exe files you possibly saved from a spam mail and delete them all.
  3. Find and bin the malicious executable, "JeepersCrypt.exe", and any related files. These may be located in system directories, such as %AppData%, %Windows%, and %SystemDrive%
  4. Empty your Recycle Bin and reboot your computer.
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