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Privacy Search Plus

Privacy Search Plus is one of those programs that are not exactly dangerous, and yet they can still cause you trouble. This application is classified as a potentially unwanted program. It means that it is not a malicious computer infection, but users often do not want to have it on their systems. There is also a good chance that they install this program accidentally. So when you deal with a program you do not want to have, you surely have to remove it for good. You can find the manual removal instructions for Privacy Search Plus right below this description, and for more questions, please leave us a comment.

Since this application is not a dangerous security threat, it surely has to have an official source. And indeed, you can access privacysearchplus.com to find out more about the program. When we access the homepage, we are greeted with the promotional tag line that says “You should feel confident knowing that what you are searching for is NOT being tracked.” So, to put it simply, Privacy Search Plus is supposed to help you remain invisible online. The question is, however, whether this program does not TRACK your online activity itself. As it is a very common side-effect with potentially unwanted programs. You see, the problem is that they are usually distributed for free, so they need to cover their development cost somehow, and that is often achieved via third-party advertising.

So would you need to deal with commercial ads if you keep Privacy Search Plus on your browser? Very much so. What’s more, the program’s Privacy Policy states that “the company does not control any Third Party Content that may be displayed to you when you use the Extension or Website.” The thing is that the application will definitely have to display third-party content to you, but it has no power over what kind of content gets embedded into its advertising space. So if cyber criminals decide to make use of this application to promote their own websites, they could easily do that without you even realizing it.

In some cases, the extension can also change your default homepage and search engine, although in our case that did not happen. However, you can be sure that it WILL modify search results through its service. So while other third parties may not know what you are searching for anymore, Privacy Search Plus will definitely be able to monitor you. And there is nothing good about that.

Here you might say that even though this program is legitimate, you still did not install it willingly. And that is not surprising at all. For potentially unwanted programs, the official homepage is just one of the many sources of distribution. As an extension, Privacy Search Plus is also available on the Chrome Web Store, and it could also come bundled with freeware applications. Users download a lot of freeware when they look for programs on file-sharing websites. Consequently, going through freeware installation without checking every single step often results in unwanted program installation.

The first reason you need to uninstall Privacy Search Plus is that you did not want this program (assuming this is the case). Second, it is necessary to get rid of it because the program is not responsible for the third-party content it promotes. In other words, you are entirely on your own when Privacy Search Plus throws something at you. Of course, getting infected with malware through this potentially unwanted program is probably the worst-case scenario, but you should consider all the risks, and do not even think of taking them.

You can delete Privacy Search Plus via your browser’s settings, but if this program arrived in a software package, then you should also scan your PC with a security tool to terminate all the other unwanted applications. Also, by investing in a licensed antispyware product, you would protect your system from other threats. However, let us not forget that your web browsing habits are also extremely important when it comes to avoiding malicious infections. Thus, if you need any help with that, you can always leave us a comment and our team will come back at you right away with a series of tips.

How to Remove Privacy Search Plus


  1. Press Alt+F and go to More tools.
  2. Click Extensions and open the list.
  3. Remove Privacy Search Plus.


  1. Press Alt+T and click Add-ons.
  2. Open the Extensions tab.
  3. Remove Privacy Search Plus.
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