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My Games Classics New Tab

It is most likely that you have downloaded the My Games Classics New Tab extension if you now face the suspicious mystart.com/new-tab/mygamesclassics/ page via the New Tab. Although the only known source of this add-on is the Chrome app store, the chances are that it is also spread by third-party software distributors who could use the attractive extension to lure users into downloading a bunch of suspicious programs at the same time. Have you downloaded the add-on via the Chrome app store? If you have, it is most likely that your operating system is clear. However, if you have downloaded this add-on packaged with third-party software, it is possible that malicious infections are running wild. Therefore, before you do anything else, install a legitimate malware scanner to inspect your operating system. If malicious threats are found, make sure you delete them right away. Afterward, read this report to figure out if you need to remove My Games Classics New Tab as well.

My Games Classics New Tab is offered by mystart.com in the same way as Yoga New Tab, which is also represented via the Chrome app store. Both of these add-ons have analogous interfaces, and so it is most likely that they were created by the same developer. The first thing to note is that this developer does not reveal any information regarding My Games Classics New Tab. Of course, since MyStart is involved, the chances are that the Privacy Policy represented via mystart.com represents the privacy policies of the extension as well, but that is unknown. All in all, considering that the interface of the PUP (potentially unwanted program) offers all kinds of interesting features, users might not even notice that they know very little about it. The interface of the extension can show you your browsing history, date and time, as well as the current weather forecast according to your geographical location. Of course, the most attractive feature of the applications is its ability to provide you with a ton of online games.

If you click the three bar icon at the top-right corner of mystart.com/new-tab/mygamesclassics/, you are introduced to a menu allowing you to change My Games Classics New Tab settings. If you go to the “Search” section, you can see that you can choose between Yahoo and Google search tools. Whichever one of these you use, interacting with the search results can be tricky. According to our researchers, the add-on could serve as an advertising platform, and advertisements could be shown. Although you are redirected to search.yahoo.com or google.com as soon as you enter the desired search keyword, you have to understand that My Games Classics New Tab could affect the content that is shown to you. Due to this reason, we recommend ignoring the search tool. Unfortunately, when you install the PUP, you enable it to spy on you, and it is most likely to do that using tracking cookies, beacons, and other tools. As long as they are active, information about you will be recorded and transmitted to remote servers. You can eliminate them via a special menu (open the browser and tap Ctrl+Shift+Delete), but they could be reinstalled again. This is why we recommend removing the extension altogether.

The instructions posted below reveal how to reset your browser. By following these instructions, you will have all data tracking tools and My Games Classics New Tab deleted from your Google Chrome browser. You can delete the add-on via the Extensions menu and the trackers via the Ctrl+Shift+Delete menu, but a reset is the most effective option. Needless to say, if the malware scanner that we advised using at the beginning has revealed many other threats, using an anti-malware tool might become necessary, in which case, the removal of My Games Classics New Tab will be taken care of as well. Hopefully, you have no issues with the elimination of undesirable or malicious software, but if you do, feel free to start a conversation in the comments section. Also remember that your operating system is very vulnerable, and if you do not implement reliable security software, you might have to face PUPs and more malicious infections in the near future.

My Games Classics New Tab Removal

  1. Open Google Chrome and tap keys Alt+F.
  2. Select Settings and then scroll to the bottom.
  3. Click Show advanced settings and scroll to the bottom.
  4. Click the Reset settings button and then Reset.
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