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Danger level 3
Type: Potentially Unwanted Application

CreateDocsOnline Toolbar

CreateDocsOnline Toolbar is categorized as a potentially unwanted application. It means that this program will not try to steal your data or destroy your computer, but it may have several features that you may not fight too appealing. What’s more, it is very likely that that application will enter your computer accidentally, when you download specific applications from file-sharing sites. Luckily, it is easy to remove CreateDocsOnline Toolbar from your system, so you should not wait any longer. Get rid of this unwanted application, and then safeguard your PC from similar threats by investing in a licensed antispyware tool.

To be honest, we feel quite assure telling you about CreateDocsOnline Toolbar because this browser extension comes from a big family of similar applications, and we have dealt with members of the same group before. In fact, a few years ago, the Mindspark family was one of the most prominent browser toolbar families, and we got reports about potentially unwanted apps invading systems worldwide almost every single day. Now, after a short period of quiet, it seems that the family is back again. Before CreateDocsOnline Toolbar appeared on our radar, we have also discussed QuickWeatherTracker Toolbar, OnlineFormFinder Toolbar, AllinOneDocs Toolbar, and many others.

Just like its predecessors, CreateDocsOnline Toolbar has several ways to reach your computer. It has an official websites, and that is one of the reasons we cannot say this application is a browser hijacker or a malicious infection. What dangerous program would be available out in the open? While you can easily download the application from The website says that with this extension you can “work efficiently with a feature-rich office suite” for free! But the question is whether you really need an application that helps you create document files, when you can easily do with official software. What’s more, even if you do not have a program that would help you create .doc, .ppt and other type of Office documents; you can always make them via Google Docs or any other online engine. Hence, it is rather doubtful whether you need a third-party application perched on your browser for that one purpose.

Of course, here you will say that you have never visited the official website and you have no idea how come this application was installed on your PC. Well, that is because the official homepage is obviously just one of the many distribution sources. Also, when it comes to potentially unwanted programs, it is far more likely that they will come in software bundles. By software bundles, we mean software packages that are uploaded on file-sharing websites. For instance, if you need a particular application and you try to download it from a third-party website, this application will probably come with several other features and programs in the same package. And if you go through the installation process carefully, you would probably be able to deselect these unnecessary programs (including CreateDocsOnline Toolbar). Unfortunately, users tend to skip the installation steps because they want to be done with it at once.

And once this program is on-board, it will install a tool that will change your homepage and new tab settings. This type of behavior is the reason quite a few users think CreateDocsOnline Toolbar is a browser hijacker. However, the extension is still rather far from being a genuine infection. It also employs a third-party website to provide you with the promised service. To help you create various documents, it employs a company named Zoho (via, and seeing how you can access this site without a third-party application, it is more than obvious that this extension is far from being useful.

Follow the instructions below to remove CreateDocsOnline Toolbar from your computer. If you do not feel confident enough about manual removal, you can always acquire a legitimate antispyware tool that will delete the intruder for you automatically.

After manual removal, please scan your PC with the SpyHunter free scanner. A full system scan will help you determine whether you have terminated all the potentially harmful files and applications. If necessary, address a professional technician for assistance, and stay away from file-sharing websites to avoid similar programs in the future. Your computer’s security should be one of your top priorities.

How to Remove CreateDocsOnline Toolbar

Internet Explorer

  1. Press Win+R and type Control Panel.
  2. Click OK and go to Uninstall a program.
  3. Uninstall CreateDocsOnlineTooltab Internet Explorer Homepage and New Tab.


  1. Press Win+R and type %AppData%. Click OK.
  2. Go to Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[PROFILE]\extensions.
  3. Delete the file.


  1. Press Win+R and type %LocalAppData%. Click OK.
  2. Navigate to Google\Chrome\User Data\[PROFILE]\Extensions.
  3. Delete the moghnflhlcpjkjkpnpgebffcjbmifljk folder.
  4. Open Google\Chrome\User Data\[PROFILE]\Local Extension Settings.
  5. Remove the moghnflhlcpjkjkpnpgebffcjbmifljk folder.
  6. Go to Google\Chrome\User Data\[PROFILE]\Sync Extension Settings.
  7. Remove the moghnflhlcpjkjkpnpgebffcjbmifljk folder.
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