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Video Abductor

Have you downloaded Video Abductor from its official website, videoabductor.com, or did you let it in when installing some other piece of software? Although the official download page exists, it is far more likely that you have installed this potentially unwanted program along with other undesirable and unreliable programs. If that has happened, you must scan your operating system using a legitimate malware scanner to help you examine the software that was installed. If the scanner recognizes threats, you need to delete them as soon as possible. Our research team suggests removing Video Abductor as well, and you can read the report to learn why you should do that. If you have questions regarding any of the topics discussed in this report, feel free to add them to the comments section.

The official installer is offered at videoabductor.xyz/dl/VideoABSetup.exe, and it was published by 1996027 Alberta Ltd., which, of course, is an odd name for a company. According to the developer’s information offered via the official website, the PUP can help you download videos found online. It is suggested that the application can download videos from youtube.com, facebook.com, instagram.com, vimeo.com, mtv.com, youporn.com, and many other websites. Needless to say, such activity is unwarranted because most videos found on these sites are copyrighted, and installing them onto your PC is illegal. That is the first reason to delete Video Abductor from your operating system. Of course, if you have downloaded it purposefully, you might not care about the consequences of storing illegal content on your PC.

If you have downloaded the suspicious Video Abductor from its official website, you might be already aware of the PUP’s ability to download extensions. A statement found on the website informs that the program “includes a self updating system which automatically adds new extensions to your program.” Unfortunately, there is no additional information explaining the matter further, and so it really is difficult to say what was meant by this statement. In the worst case, however, it seems that Video Abductor could silently download additional software, and we do not know if it is reliable. Maybe that is not the case at all, but the creator of the PUP has not produced enough information to understand the situation clearly. Although inexperienced users might think nothing of the fact that privacy policies, terms of use, and other legal statements do not exist, our research team warns that this is a red flag. In fact, it is recommended that you delete the potentially unwanted program right away because it is unpredictable!

Deleting Video Abductor is not the easiest of tasks, and you will have to think carefully before you decide on whether to get rid of this PUP manually or using automated malware removal software. First, we advise installing a legitimate malware scanner to inspect your operating system. If the PUP is the only threat that is found, you might be able to get rid of it manually. If other infections are found, you can do a quick research to decide whether or not you can eliminate them manually as well. If you choose to remove them manually, you should be able to find the manual removal guides you need on this website. If you cannot find the information you need, you can post a comment below, and we will assist you shortly. Of course, you should also consider using anti-malware software.

If you install anti-malware software, you will not need to worry about deleting Video Abductor and other threats, as well as the protection of your operating system. We cannot stress enough how dangerous it is to run your operating system without security software monitoring every move you make to stop you from taking the wrong turn. If you do not employ reliable security software, you will have to be exceptionally careful when browsing the web, downloading software or files, interacting with advertisements, opening email attachments, and doing other things. If you do not want to tiptoe around, it is essential that you utilize reliable and reputable software ASAP. If you have any questions regarding the suspicious PUP or the software that it comes bundled with, you can ask them by posting in the comments section below.

Video Abductor Removal

N.B. You cannot fully remove the PUP by uninstalling it via Control Panel.

  1. Tap Win+R keys to launch RUN.
  2. Type regedit.exe and click OK to open the Registry Editor menu.
  3. Navigate to HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  4. Right-click and Delete the value named StartAB.
  5. Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\RADAR\HeapLeakDetection\DiagnosedApplications\.
  6. Right-click and Delete the key called videoab.exe.
  7. Navigate to HKCU\SOFTWARE\ (or HKCU\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\).
  8. Right-click and delete the key called VideoAB.
  9. Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ (or HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\).
  10. Right-click and delete the key called Video Abductor
  11. Tap Win+E keys to launch Windows Explorer.
  12. Enter %LOCALAPPDATA% (or %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\) into the bar at the top.
  13. Right-click and Delete the folder named VideoAB.
  14. Enter %ALLUSERSPROFILE% (or %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\) into the bar at the top.
  15. Right-click and Delete the folder named chocolatey.
  16. Enter %TEMP% into the bar at the top and then repeat step 15.
  17. Move to the Desktop and then Delete the shortcut file named Video Abductor.lnk.
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