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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Slow Computer
  • System crashes
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel

Enjey Crypter Ransomware

Enjey Crypter Ransomware is a mysterious infection whose origins are still unknown. Some features of this threat suggest that it might be associated with the Hidden Tear source code (other threats that are linked to it include Redants Ransomware and Payday Ransomware). However, according to research, it might be more similar to a threat called RemindMe Ransomware. Whatever the case might be, there is no doubt that this infection is truly dangerous, and if it has invaded your operating system, it must have encrypted your personal files as well. Although it is possible that some users will recognize that the launcher is a malicious file and delete it in time, most users will not even notice it. Needless to say, it is crucial to remove Enjey Crypter Ransomware from your operating system as soon as possible, but we advise reading this report first to learn more about it.

Just like most ransomware infections that we report nearly every single day, Enjey Crypter Ransomware spreads via spam emails. The distributor of the infection can conceal the launcher file using the icon of a harmless-looking file (e.g., PDF, DOC, or JPG), and the message representing this file might be highly misleading. Needless to say, the infection is executed as soon as you open the file. At first, you might not realize that a malicious ransomware has invaded your operating system. Unfortunately, Enjey Crypter Ransomware does not need a lot of time to initiate the encryption of your personal files. In the fashion of most ransomware threats, this one goes after your personal files, and the reasons are obvious. The infection was created to coerce you into paying a ransom, and you are much more likely to pay it if your personal files are on the line. Of course, if your files are backed up, you have nothing to worry about.

When your files are encrypted, it might be difficult for you to recognize them. First of all, a monstrous extension – “” – is attached. Second, the original extension disappears. Luckily, the original name stays the same, which might help you figure out which files were encrypted and which ones were not. It is highly important to inspect your operating system after the invasion of the malicious ransomware because you might find out that the files encrypted by it are safely backed up or that they are not that valuable to you altogether. Obviously, if Enjey Crypter Ransomware encrypts highly important files that you have no way of recovering, you might change your course of action. Our recommendation is to delete this infection, but you might choose to follow the instructions of cyber criminals first. Needless to say, that is extremely risky.

README_DECRYPT.txt is a file that Enjey Crypter Ransomware creates to provide you with some information. This TXT file informs that you need to contact to receive the so-called “decoder.” You are also asked to share your ID number when contacting cyber criminals, and this number is included in the message as well. According to the message, you should receive a “Bitcoin wallet” to which you will need to pay a ransom. The ransom note does not mention the sum that might be asked of you, and so it is most likely that you will be provided with more information when the creator of Enjey Crypter Ransomware responds you. Should you pay the ransom? Even if it is small, you have to think very carefully about fulfilling the demands of cyber criminals because they might scam you, leaving you without money and a decryptor. Unfortunately, third-party software is not currently capable of deciphering the encryption code used by this threat, and so you do not have many options.

There is no doubt that your operating system is in grave danger if Enjey Crypter Ransomware has found its way in. First of all, the entrance of this dangerous threat suggests that your Windows operating system is very weak, and a number of different threats could attack it without your notice. In fact, malware might have invaded your PC already. Second, if you find this ransomware, your personal files might be encrypted. If that is the case, check your backups to see if you might be able to recover your files. If backups do not exist, your only chance at recovering personal data might be to follow the demands of cyber criminals. Should you follow them? That is too risky, and so we do not recommend it. When it comes to removal, either follow the steps below or install a reliable anti-malware tool.

Enjey Crypter Ransomware Removal

  1. Delete the ransom note file called README_DECRYPT.txt.
  2. Delete the launcher file (note that it might have a unique name, and its location is unknown).
  3. Empty the Recycle Bin to clear the ransomware.
  4. Install a trustworthy malware scanner to inspect your operating system for leftovers.
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