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Show Fanatic

Some users might get an impression that Show Fanatic is a tool, which makes it easier to find films or TV content on the Internet. However, it is not exactly what this extension does as it works like a simple search engine. To be more precise, it does not provide an original search engine but rather lets you choose from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The main downside of Show Fanatic is the fact it might be able to modify the results it displays no matter which search tool you choose. Our researchers say it is possible its results could contain suspicious advertisements that may redirect you to insecure websites. Because of this behavior, the application was categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). If you want to know even more about it, we urge you to keep reading this article. Should you decide to erase it, you can find removal instructions placed below too.

It was discovered the extension could be distributed through web pages providing unreliable advertising, pop-up ads, or suspicious file-sharing sites. Considering there are many ways the PUP might enter the system, it is entirely possible some users install it accidentally. For instance, you could overlook it on another program's setup wizard, especially if you rush the installation process. If it sounds like something that could happen to you, we advise you to be more careful in the future. Users should pay attention not only to the software they choose to acquire but also to sources they download such applications from. Getting them from file-sharing sites is rarely a good idea since they might bundle installers with adware, browser hijackers, potentially unwanted programs, etc.

Furthermore, to avoid unreliable applications like Show Fanatic users should use only those programs that are developed by a reputable company. If you cannot find any information about the tool’s publisher or it appears to be the company developed suspicious applications before, it would be advisable not to trust its created software. Besides, keeping the system clean and secure might seem not so difficult if you use a reliable antimalware tool. It may stop you from installing software that could be dangerous. Also, you could use it from time to time to do system check-ups or scan suspicious files downloaded through Internet, e.g. installers, email attachments, and so on.

If Show Fanatic manages to enter the system, it could change your default new tab page or even homepage. It might modify these preferences only on Google Chrome as currently, the application does not seem to be compatible with the other main browsers. Because of the extension’s made changes, the mentioned browser should display the PUP once you open a new tab or launch the affected browsing application. The extension might allow you to quickly access Google, Yahoo, or Bing without typing their URL addresses into the address bar, but you could get almost the same effect by bookmarking these search engines. The best part is that this way you would use the original versions, so the results you receive would not be modified to place third-party advertising.

The reason our researchers advise staying away from the ads that may show up while searching the Internet with Show Fanatic is because such content could be dangerous. The research shows, the third-party ads might have links leading to other websites, and there is not knowing if the sites these advertisements originate from are trustworthy. If you happen to click a malicious ad, you might be redirected to a site that distributes malware (e.g. Trojans, viruses, ransomware, and so on) or threats similar to this PUP, such as adware, browser hijackers, etc. This is exactly why we recommend deleting this suspicious extension from the computer.

There are two separate ways to deal with Show Fanatic. For starters, users could erase it manually by removing the extension from the browser as it is explained in the instructions placed at the end of this text. The second way to get rid of the PUP is to acquire a reliable antimalware tool, do a complete system scan, and click the deletion button that should appear afterward. Either way, you choose, if you need any further assistance, try to leave a comment below this article or contact us via social media.

Eliminate Show Fanatic

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Press ALT+F.
  3. Select Settings and click on More tools.
  4. Pick Extensions and find Show Fanatic.
  5. Tap the recycle bin button next to it.
  6. Select Remove.
  7. Close the browser.
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