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Type: Potentially Unwanted Application


There are potentially unwanted programs like Search-selector.co that come with additional services like a search engine, for example. These programs are very far from genuine computer infections, but it is very often that users do not understand how these programs entered their systems. It is very likely that users downloaded and installed potentially unwanted programs themselves, but they were not aware of that. Luckily, it is possible to delete Search-selector.co and other similar applications without much difficulty. If the program functions as a browser extension, then you can delete it via the browser’s settings menu. The most important thing is that you cannot ignore this intrusion.

We use Search-selector.co as the main keyword for this application, but you can also find information about the application under Search Selector. The application is promoted as a browser extension for Chrome, and it does not work on Firefox or Internet Explorer. However, if this extension comes bundled with freeware, then it is very likely that you may have installed several other undesirable applications on your computer. And THOSE applications may affect other browsers than just Chrome. Hence, it is important that you remain vigilant no matter which browser you use, as potential security threats are always near you.

You will definitely find this application labeled as a malicious infection in various security websites, but the truth is that this program falls into a gray area where it is hard to determine whether the program in question is malicious or not. After all, it is possible to find Search-selector.co in the Chrome Web Store, so it is available out in the open, and no malicious program would be so explicit about its source. On the other hand, it does not mean that the application is reliable because it has quite a few features that are rather questionable.

At first, it will seem as though Search-selector.co is a good new tool that can help you switch between various search engines whenever you feel like it. Instead, of using just one search engine, with Search selector, you could use the one you prefer depending on what you want to look for. Actually, Firefox comes with such a built-in feature, so it does not need this extension. Now, it is rather hard to estimate just how useful this service is, but the official homepage states that with the extension, you will have “the leading search engines at your fingertips,” and you will also have “better results, for every search.” Not to mention that the application will provide you with “custom look, and feel,” thus making your web browsing far more enjoyable.

So if this program does not try to infect you with malware or anything, why are we so suspicious about it? First, the application may enter your computer unexpectedly with freeware programs. This is very likely if you often download apps from file-sharing sites. It is necessary to read the installation steps in third-party installers to avoid setting up undesirable programs. Second, Search-selector.co may collect information on your web browsing habits to generate custom commercial content.

This type of behavior is very common among freeware applications, adware, and browser hijackers. They need to cover their development cost, and so they engage in third-party advertising. Programs like Search-selector.co display commercial advertisements full of third-party content. Each time you click those commercial ads, the program generates a financial profit. It does not really care whether you get redirected to a safe website or not. As a result, this security loophole could be easily exploited by cyber criminals. Of course, a malicious infection through this potentially unwanted program is highly unlikely, but you should not take any chances.

It is not that hard to remove Search-selector.co from your browser. You just need to delete the extension, and that should be enough. However, let us not forget that there might be more unfamiliar applications installed. You can take care of that by scanning your PC with the SpyHunter free scanner. If more potential threats are found, it is easy to delete them automatically with a security tool of your choice.

Be ready to protect your computer from potential intruders. If you encounter difficulties as you try to secure your system, please do not hesitate to contact us by leaving a comment below this description.

How to Delete Search-selector.co

  1. Launch the Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and select More tools on the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Remove Search Select from the list.
  5. Run a full system scan.
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