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Danger level 7
Type: Trojans
Common infection symptoms:
  • Connects to the internet without permission
  • Installs itself without permissions
  • Can't be uninstalled via Control Panel


Backdoor.andromeda is a botnet, which may also be referred to as “Trojan” by certain computer security experts or antispyware applications. A botnet is a PC network that is exploited by cyber criminals to perform various suspicious acts. For example, a backdoor could easily use a network of affected computers to send out multiple spam email messages, thus becoming a part of some other online scam. It is probably obvious that you must remove Backdoor.andromeda from your system. And it is not just because you have to protect your computer from malicious exploitation. By deleting this infection, you would protect a number of other systems as well.

This infection is very good at exploiting system’s vulnerabilities. It is exactly what the backdoor takes advantage of. According to our research, Backdoor.andromeda usually attacks computers that have problems with security. For instance, if your antivirus program is outdated or if you do not have a security program at all, the chance of getting infected with this malicious application is higher. What’s more, the chance of infection depends on your web browsing habits, too. This is why computer security experts always emphasize how important it is to stay away from unfamiliar websites that might be associated with malware distribution.

As far as the Backdoor.andromeda distribution method is concerned, the backdoor seems to employ different methods to avoid antivirus programs, as compared to other botnets out there. Most of the time, it spreads around through a list of infected websites. Thus, there is more than one website that could host the infection. To reach the target computer, this backdoor uses exploits in Java and Flash plugins. So if you access a website that is full of random flash advertisements and annoying pop-ups, it is a lot more likely that this page would be part of the malware distribution network.

Sometimes it is hard to refrain from landing on unfamiliar websites, especially if you cannot help but click an outgoing link (especially if you are really curious about it). However, you would definitely prevent Backdoor.andromeda from accessing your computer if you keep your security application updated. Quite a few users do not like the automatic updates function because it supposedly “hogs” bandwidth” and slows down the computer. But you should remember that the advantages if keeping your security tool up-to-date by far outweigh the disadvantages. After all, your computer’s security should be your utmost priority.

One of the most unnerving things about this infection is that it does not manifest itself in any way. For example, when you get infected with a ransomware application, you will definitely know that something is wrong because the program will TELL you about it. On the other hand, Backdoor.andromeda enters your system silently and then proceeds to drain your system’s resources for whatever its creators want it to do. Consequently, even if users are infected with this backdoor, they seldom notice that, and the backdoor can run on your system for a very long time before you notice that something is off.

It is rather hard to tell what Backdoor.andromeda will do once it is on your computer. As mentioned, whatever the program does depends on its developers. We do know for sure that it connects to the Internet without permission and auto-starts with Windows each time you turn on your computer. Also, aside from the potential spam attacks, the hackers could exploit your computer for DDoS or distributed denial of service attacks, where multiple botnets create so much traffic for a particular server that it goes down, subsequently killing the website it hosts. Even if you are not aware of that, it does not mean that your computer cannot become a part of it!

So now you definitely know that you need to remove Backdoor.andromeda. We will provide the manual removal instructions below this description, but please understand that sometimes it is not enough to delete a few files to get rid of such an infection. Thus, after manual removal, you should make sure to scan your PC with the SpyHunter free scanner. A full system scan will help you determine whether there are more unwanted applications on your computer, and whether you have some backdoor leftovers to delete. If so, do that with an automated antispyware tool.

How to Remove Backdoor.andromeda

  1. Press Win+R and type %ALLUSERSPROFILE%. Click OK.
  2. Delete the svchost.exe file and other random name data files.
  3. Press Win+R and type %TEMP%. Click OK.
  4. Delete the svchost.exe file and other randon name data files.
  5. Scan your PC with a security tool.
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