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Danger level 7
Type: Browser Hijackers
Common infection symptoms:
  • Changes default search engine
  • Hijacks homepage

Your impression of might be wrong if you believe that this browser hijacker is a useful and reliable search provider. Though the interface might be misleading, there are plenty of signs that tell just how unreliable this “search tool” is. We do not want to waste any of your time providing you with different perspectives over this hijacker, and we can inform you right away that it is best to delete it. Of course, this threat is not the most dangerous piece of software you could face, and, in fact, you can postpone its elimination if more dangerous infections are active. Unfortunately, it is quite possible that other threats have found their way into your operating system along with this hijacker. If you do not know that, there is a way for you to check it: Install a trusted malware scanner. If you are lucky, you only need to remove If you are not so lucky, you also need to figure out the elimination of other infections. In either case, we can help you. was created by Polarity Technologies Ltd., and this company is responsible for a ton if identical-looking browser hijackers. In most cases, these hijackers are unique in a sense that they are promoting different links or that they are represented along with different extensions. This is not the case with According to our research, this strange search tool is completely identical to and hijackers; except that the latter one is represented along with the add-on called “Watch Any Sports”. Our hijacker is linked to an add-on called “Easy Sports Access.” This extension is officially represented at, and Google Chrome users can also acquire it from the Chrome web store. It is also possible that a third-party software distributor is promoting the extension together with the hijacker via an unreliable software bundle. If you have acquired this software packaged with other programs, inspect them immediately. If malware has slithered in – and there is a great possibility that it has – you want to find and delete it ASAP.

Are you worried that the links represented by are misleading? Well, that is one thing you do not need to concern yourself with because all links routing to sports-related websites (e.g.,,, or are authentic. What you need to worry about is the search provider. If you have entered keywords already, you know that the hijacker redirects to Yahoo Search. Do not rush to assume that this is a good thing. Though Yahoo Search is a reputable and trusted search provider, there is a possibility that the hijacker is using it to expose you to unreliable sponsored links. Even if you do not interact with them, your virtual privacy might be at risk because silent data-tracking web cookies employed by can record information about you. The worst part is that personally-identifiable information could be extracted as well. Unfortunately, the parties that Polarity Technologies Ltd works with are unknown, and so it is difficult to say who and how could use your personal information.

The first thing you must do is scan your operating system because you do not want to waste precious time if more malicious infections are active on your operating system. If multiple threats are detected, figure out the order of priority. Of course, you do not have to erase all threats manually. In fact, installing anti-malware software is the best thing you can do because this software can automatically erase malware and reinforce your operating system’s protection to ensure that other threats cannot slither in again. Even if other infections are not active, and you are able to delete manually using the guide below, it is wise to implement this software to ensure full-time protection. When it comes to manual removal, the guide below should cover it. If the hijacker remains in place after you perform all steps, please comment down below, and we will try to solve your problems as soon as possible. Removal

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Simultaneously tap keys Win+E.
  2. In the Explorer’s bar at the top enter %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\.
  3. Open the folder with a unique name that represents your Firefox profile.
  4. Open the file called prefs.js, find the hijacker’ URL, and overwrite it.
  5. Save the file and then perform a full system scan to check for leftovers.

Google Chrome:

  1. Simultaneously tap keys Win+E.
  2. In the Explorer’s bar at the top enter %LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ (Windows XP users enter %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\).
  3. Delete the files called Preferences, Secure Preferences, and Web Data. You can also open them and overwrite the hijacker’s URL found in the text.
  4. Perform a full system scan to check for leftovers.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Simultaneously tap keys Win+R to launch RUN.
  2. Type regedit.exe and click OK to launch Registry Editor.
  3. Move to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main.
  4. Double-click Start Page and overwrite the URL in the value data area. Click OK.
  5. Move to HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchScopes\{0633EE93-D776-472f-A0FF-E1416B8B2E3A}.
  6. Double-click the value called FaviconURL and overwrite the URL. Click OK.
  7. Double-click the value called FaviconURLFallback and overwrite the URL. Click OK.
  8. Double-click the value called TopResultURL and overwrite the URL. Click OK.
  9. Double-click the value called URL and overwrite the URL. Click OK.
  10. Perform a full system scan.
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